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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil_Ed View Post
    Being the 4th, I figured I'd hit the range early and get some 'Murica practice at the range:

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    Is that a CCG ?

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    I have an agency course starting next week and took my carry/duty G19.5 out to confirm zero with my irons and my RMR. The RMR is on point and the irons are close enough that I can never tell if itís the gun and sights or my lack of skill with shooting irons at distance. Once that was done I had a solid session with my practice gun which has a Holosun on it as opposed to an RMR. I shot a 96 on the Bakersfield Qual, a 99/100 5 yard roundup, a 98/100 on The Test and then ran through the Kevin B standards. I no-goed both strings at 25y and 50y, with each round landing just outside the B8 8-ring. I probably should have confirmed zero on the practice gun at some point after getting it back from Jagerwerks but I donít shoot much at farther than 25y normally. I went ahead and zeroed the gun at 25y afterwards which should help next time.

    I sent one of my friends a photo of the 99 five yard roundup and he told me he was having issues with consistently finding and tracking the dot one handed. Immediately after that, I shot a second five yard roundup and promptly lost the dot after the second shot SHO. It took a fraction of a second to find the dot again so I rushed the two remaining shots to make it under par and dropped one into the 6 ring and one into the 7. Looks like I also have to work on tracking the dot single handed, haha.

    Iím really loving the dot life overall, though. Everything seems easier for the most part. I wasnít exactly exhibiting GM-level skill when shooting one handed with irons. I mostly shoot at B8s glued onto USPSA/IDPA targets and am finding that Iím having an easier time keeping rounds in the black. I drop fewer rounds into the 8 ring than I used to with irons while staying consistent with my times. I do have to remember to maintain a good grip sometimes. Itís something I seem to have gotten sloppy about with irons because I could always see them in my peripheral vision and could always see the front sight. If I slack on my grip with the dot, I end up losing it during recoil. If I maintain a good grip, the dot stays in the window during multiple shot strings. As others have said in the past, the dot is an excellent coach because it tells you exactly what youíre doing wrong. Grip the gun properly, and the dot bounces around within the little window and itís always visible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    Is that a CCG ?
    Bog-standard S80 Gov't model that I sent back to Colt's Custom Shop for their "Tactical Package" workover. The custom touches I asked them to do on top were to hard fit a match barrel and have it flush cut/crowned, have ball cuts in the slide, and...actually I think that was it for the custom touches. I had them refinish it in the same standard blue as it came with; I figured spending more on extra fancy bluing when it'll all get worn anyway wouldn't be worth the effort or money.

    From a previous range outing:

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    On this most American of days, I took my 22lr Pizzagun and a Glock to the range for about 150 rounds of Freedom Practice.

    Had fun, lots of fun. That little Beretta 87 shoots like a freaking dream.
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    Finally zeroed the AUG I traded into a few weeks ago. It came with an older EoTech XPS2 but the window of the EoTech is delaminating so the Holosun will have to do for a while.

    Not the greatest group but good enough given old eyes, a red dot, and a trashcan for a rest.

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    Had a few friends visit the farm and question should be what didnít we shoot yesterday. We had Glocks, Sigs, and a Kimber 1911. The weather was beautiful and not humid, adding to the enjoyment

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    I got to shoot my new to me S&W Model 15 .38. Everyone was really impressed by this gun. The DA trigger is long and heavy but very smooth, and recoil was much less than everyone expected with only a 2Ē barrel

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    Then my friend brought out his AK-47

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    and AR-15

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    Since today is the last day of my vacation, I spent 90 minutes at the range. Tried out the Kraken lower on 3 different uppers and it really shone with the Lite (so to speak) due to the dot. I still think the Apex kit in the lower I normally use for that upper is nice (and certainly better than the factory FCG) but the Tandemkross set up is subtly better to my unrefined trigger finger. I really need to get on the ball and install the VQ kit in the other 22/45 lower and compare it to the TK.

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    7yds CCI SV bottom, Norma Tac-22 top. When I have my poop in a group it looks like they perform about the same but I still think the Norma is greasier than a fast food taco
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    Finally got one of the French SP101s out to the range. Bottom row was single action right to left, top was double action right to left. 5-7 yds, AE 158g LRN
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    SA top, DA bottom, 5yds
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    Put another 20 through the Kimber. Same distance, drill and ammo as the SP101.
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    The Kimber was the least satisfying of the bunch. It shoots well enough (when I do my part) and I really like the sights but the grips are simply too small for me. I can't get a good grip and it transfers the recoil right into my palm which is a no go with my hand and wrist problems. The trigger isn't as smooth as I'd like but in fairness I've got 50, maybe 60, rounds through it so I can't say I'm unhappy or disappointed, just...unsatisfied. As much as I want to stick with the "pretty" grips because it's a range toy, I'll be looking into replacements. Hopefully good looking replacements...
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    Technically last night, but took a couple rifles out to zero optics after moving stuff from one rifle to the other. The lvpo was already zeroíd, but I added an offset 507c, plus had to zero the Pro on the PTR from scratch. Both got 50y zeros and were confirmed with 200y steel.
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    Got my Sig 553P back from the shop I had it at. Was originally a 12.5 inch barreled .300 Whisper. I SBR'd it and had them install a 8.6 inch 5.56 barrel with a dead air flash hider. They did awesome work and I finally have one of the rifles I've always wanted but thought had become unobtanium...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcbusmc24 View Post
    Got my Sig 553P back from the shop I had it at. Was originally a 12.5 inch barreled .300 Whisper. I SBR'd it and had them install a 8.6 inch 5.56 barrel with a dead air flash hider. They did awesome work and I finally have one of the rifles I've always wanted but thought had become unobtanium...

    That's a beauty!!
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