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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Ran a bunch of rounds through this gen 4 34 after replacing the few bits it needed.

    I have a TacSol .22 conversion that was having light strikes. I figured I'd try a regular Glock 6# striker spring I had laying around but that wouldn't set rounds off at all. Then I was going to run some drills with the 34 from the holster but the front sight on the 34 was just below the bottom edge of the holster and got caught. Hard. I thought I was going to have to take my belt and holster off to get the gun out. So had to work on other stuff. About the only thing that went right today was the weather. No wind, perfect temperature.
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    Went to a new place on my lunch break. Shot B-8 bullseyes at 3-4 yards with my PX4CC from low ready. First single shots, then double taps.

    90+% in the black. Not bad for me.

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    Why Iím here ...I like shooting. I hear you guys do too.

    Uspsa ish match (no sanction, otherwise pretty usual USPSA match) today with Elite LTT. Showed progress in some areas, effed up some stuff, experienced Texas stars (linked in this case) for the first time. Leaving knowing more than when I arrived. just sitting down to clean the weapon. Note handy dandy nra fleece...

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    It was last week at The Pin Shoot in Central Lake.
    Shot a bit of this and a bit of that, including a .45 ACP pin gun,
    a short .41 Mag revolver, and two pin shotguns, one of which actually worked.

    Continued with a .22 Ruger Precision rifle, a .223 rifle, and a .45 H&K subgun.

    FA stuff was a BAR, .22 AR, (ran like a sewing machine, no recoil to speak of), .223 carbine, (loud), and a M1 Thompson.
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    This week may be a bit boring in comparison.

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    Went to the range Saturday night. I ran a hundred or so rounds through my G19.3 and 50 through my j-frame.

    I have somehow started to pull the trigger with the pad of my finger instead of the first joint. This is why I started shooting way left. Moving back to the first joint brought my groups more in line. I need to make sure I focus on that with the airsoft trainer. However, for reasons I can't explain, I still shoot leftish with my carry ammo (HST 147gr), but am dead on with bulk pack stuff. I suppose I could drift my rear sight a touch, but I need to understand *why* this is happening.

    Shooting my Glock and Ruger 22/45 a lot lately has screwed me up on my J-frame. I'm starting to hit very high. I feel like I have to aim down (I'm not, it just feels that way). I also can't see the j-frame sights for shit anymore (aging eyes). I painted the front sight white, but only the bit I should see in a proper sight presentation. I hope this resolves my tendency to shoot high as well as the difficulty I'm having seeing the sights to begin with.

    At least I didn't have the experience my friend had. His NIB gat suffered a fight-ending failure within about 20 rounds. Brand new gun and first time at the range with it. Ouch.


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    I shot nothing but a G17.4 with an Advantage Arms conversion kit on it as I have started pushing second shots downward on the timer with my G17. I hoped the lack of recoil would allow me to see what I am doing and fix it. Sure enough, I am pulling the gun down too much and dropping the front sight too low in the notch. I worked on that on Saturday afternoon and Sunday late morning until the combination of temperature, humidity, and no breeze forced me back into the house.

    The kit, which I bought on the forum, had a disclosed issue with not wanting to run and the first few strings I got to work on my stoppage drills. Had several fired cases stuck in the chamber. There was a very small (needed a 10X loupe to see it but could feel it) burr on the chamber where the firing pin hits the rim. The barrel relief, machined into the barrel, needed a tiny bit of work. That helped reduce the frequency of extraction issues but did not solve the issue. Figured out it needed to be cleaned and the slide rails lubed wet (much more than a Glock needs) as well as fed ammo it likes. In this case, the ammo was Federal 40-grain RN Game-Shok. Getting the kit to run was more fun than diagnosing my trigger control issue. I ended up shooting 110 rounds in focused practice.
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    Put about 120 rounds through my 6946 this afternoon. Part of that was weak-hand only. It was good practice.
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    405 rounds with the LTT, 238 of those on steel. Mix of 150 rounds 147 gr Blazer brass cased flat nose and my usual 115 Fiocchi being the balance. My perception is the 147 Blazer hits a little lower than the Fiocchi. Anyway, it was my first trip to the range just to practice, ie not for a match, in a few weeks. Perfect weather and lots of peace and quiet.
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    Just for the heck of it, I took the WC Colt to the range for 100 rounds at 25 yards.
    I seriously suck, but I can get most of my shotgun pattern inside the 7 ring of a B8 at that range- better than most, but no where close to where I need to be.
    I need to do some dry fire.

    ETA: got my new recoil spring, and will do a 10-8 test to see if that fixed the BTF
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    Excellent sight pairing suggestion from @JodyH in this thread;

    Installed the Wilson rear & Trijicon front on my VP9 L and has some fun at 15 & 20Y

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    Also ran this future optic-host VP9 slide I put together, appreciate all the info in the ACRO & SRO threads

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