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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    I swapped scopes and put the Leupold VX Hog Hunter 1-4 on my Ruger American Ranch 350 Legend. The crosshairs are relatively thick which complicates finding a suitable zeroing target. The two in the X ring are after the final adjustment.

    I also re-zeroed my MP10 308. It has a Leupold VX/R Patrol 3-9. The knobs turn too easily during handling, Ill probably replace the scope next year.

    I also shot the M&P15T. Earlier this year I took the Hog Hunter off of it and installed a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8. So far I like the setup.

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    Decided to transition back to HK/LEM for the winter, because: reasons (and I like hammers with winter clothes). As many of you know it is a funny bird of a trigger. Haven't fired one since like March. Took me about 600+ rounds and two trips to the range this week to get back to where I was satisfied I can run it again. Passing a Rangemaster Instructor Q today with the P30 is what granted me satisfaction that I am ok to stick one in a holster tomorrow and leave the house with it.

    Never a problem with the guns, lots of problems with me...

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    Passed the thousand round mark today. Running like a sewing machine.

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    The club had some after dark hours open over the last two weeks. The first night I shot my S&W MP10 308, an 8.5 300 BO pistol, and the Ruger Ranch 350 Legend.
    Wednesday night I shot the M&P15, S&W FPC, the 300 pistol again, the M&P9 CORE/ACRO, and a cylinder of old Federal 125s out of my 2 SP101.

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    New carbine build with Remington r4 upper/PSA m4a1 lower and loaded today
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    2.25" at 200 yards... Yes it was zeroed
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    I went to a bowling pin match Sunday. Turnout was low so we just shot for fun. I shot my Kimber Desert Warrior, M&P9 CORE/ACRO, and the S&W FPC.

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    I was getting ready to climb down from a tree stand this morning. I was lowering my Ruger American Ranch 350 Legend when the rope broke. Id say it fell around six to eight feet and I think landed muzzle down. I went home and cleaned the bore. I ran out to the club and shot it. It was about three inches high and left. I originally had it zeroed dead on at 100. I ended up putting it about an inch or so high. The scope is a Leupold VX/R Hog Hunter 1-4.

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