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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Long range camping trip with good buddies.

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    A Tavor SAR with Holosun 503R optic that has an circle dot reticle. I bought this gun last fall. For a while I did not think I would keep it. Then I decided to get an economy optic to put on it, and it turns out I really like it. I like the feel and balance of it. I have been a bullpup fan for almost 2 decades. I have a Steyr AUG and had an FN FS2000.

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    .38-44 Heavy Duty and, after a six-month visit to Gemini Customs, a 640-1:

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    Pic of the Gemini with a couple NOT shot today, but might be an interesting comparison:

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    Respectively, the Gemini 640-1 with V8 Hybra-Porting, 640-1 PC with Power-Porting, and 640-1 with quad MagnaPort style (got it for a steal and don't know who did the work).

    By far the most effective comping of the three is the Gemini. 180 grain, .357 HSM now feels less than 230 grain .45 ACP through a 1917 and maybe on par or slightly less than a Government Model 1911. Muzzle rise significantly reduced. The Power-Port is close but not quite the same reduction. The Magna-Port is a reduction but not that much less than a non-comped version. The Magna-Port also increases blast and concussion substantially even with standard and +P .38 Special. Both the Gemini and Magna-Port are not happy with lead. Whether coated or gas checked both see huge velocity swings shot to shot when not using jacketed ammo. The Power-Port doesn't seem to care. Most likely the other two are being impacted by the ports being so close to the base of the barrel and intermittently being occluded by lead wash.

    Trade off with the Hybra-Porting is a large reduction in muzzle velocity. Numbers from today and, for the other two, from last range trip:

    MagTech .38 Special +P, 158 grain, SJHP

    Hybra-Port: 740 FPS Avg
    Power-Port: 796.8 FPS Avg
    MagnaPort: 800.0 FPS Avg

    I don't have .357 numbers handy for any but the Gemini but for reference:

    HSM .357 Magnum, 180 Grain, Hard Cast, Gas Check
    Hybra-Port: 922.5 FPS Avg (but with an SD of 29.5 not helping accuracy).

    And just because, the Heavy Duty 5" with the MagTech +P: 931.5 FPS

    Overall the Power-Port is probably the most balanced shooter of the three. I'm really liking the Gemini though!
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    Checking the maximum effective range of my 1301 with Fed FC 00B.

    On the beep, fire one round at the chest from 20y, run to the 10y and fire a headshot.

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    Steyr Academy's "AUG Operator's Course" over the weekend.

    The only two pics I remembered to take...

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    Confirming zeros after some sight swaps.


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    What did you shoot today?

    Last range session before heading to a remote cabin in Alaska.

    Glock 20.4/Acro, Safariland GLS holster. 200gr flat nose, 1100fps.

    Doubles 5yds, 1s draw, 0.22splits.

    10 shots 15yds, 1.5 draw, 0.6 splits.

    The Kenai chest rig is 0.25s slower on the draw.

    Practical accuracy, 20 yds
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    Surprise Az.
    Have a great time in Alaska.

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    Shot a USPSA match Friday night. Taught a Pistol Class Saturday morning, taught a private lesson in the afternoon. It's been a good weekend of shooting so far.
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    K frame snubs

    M12 and M64, one is more fun to shoot, one is more fun to carry, I think I have established the roles of carry gun and practice gun for this pair. The M12 was worked over by Nelson Ford who at the time told me it was the first M12 he had done. He did that work very well. It makes a huge difference to me both in terms of shooting, first shot, shot to shot recovery, and draw stroke from concealment to have the fuller grip of the K's instead of a D frame or J frame. The M12 is 18 oz. the 64 is 27 oz.

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