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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Fireformed some 223AI brass tonight. It was factory loaded Lapua with 55 FMJ. I was pretty impressed with the 100 yard groups considering I was fireforming, it was breezy, and the bullets were a FMJ. Lapua makes good stuff

    .72 MOA average over 15 shots

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    Took a much needed mental break from a number of things and got some fresh air. Checked zero on a few things close range at 200m (had to zero the irons on a CETME, confirm some AR zeros) and then let the dogs run. We had to modify our usual locations a bit as uncut grown pasture kept us from going prone in our usual spot. Steel was set at 200m, 510yds, and 980yds. We were able to stretch things out more off the truck and squeezed 1010yds from that as the extra elevation of the truck bed and a rise in the road helped us out. Itís always a challenge in yardage depending on where the cows happen to be grazing that particular day...keeps it from getting stale.

    The bolt guns were .308, .300wm and .300norma. No surprises there either. The .308 was a bit more of a challenge in the wind out at 980 and 1010, but it held its own. The conditions for seeing trace were pretty much perfect all day as well. Itís neat to watch them arc in. Last pic is the last poke at 1010. Lighter impacts are .308 and the darker are the winmag.

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    Got some free time to myself today so I hit the range. It was a good day of shooting but a bad day for my groups so I just shot some new to me stuff for familiarization.

    New to me TRP that came from a "Spend my money!" thread I started

    My Father's Day gift, a .44 Special Blackhawk

    The KS47 pistol I picked up as an alternative to a .300BLK pistol. This will be up for sale shortly, I flat prefer a 12.5" 5.56 so that's what I'm sticking with.

    Finally got good pics of the Wrangler and Great Western .44 Special

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