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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vista461 View Post
    Apparently S&W changed at some point from a blue recoil spring for 9 & 40, to a green for 40 and 357 sig. My gun had a blue spring in it still, and I bought it as a used former Milwaukee PD gun. So I figured may as well upgrade the recoil spring to the current one and I didnít know how many rounds the one that was in there had on it.

    Thatís the mildest 40 polymer gun Iíve ever shot. Shoots easier to me than either of the Glock 22ís (Gens 3 & 4)I had been issued at my previous dept.
    When I recently got an LE trade-in M&P40 1.0 I replaced the RSA. The one in the gun was green and so was the replacement. I just checked my nightstand gun, another M&P40 1.0, and the RSA is may be the original one and I bought the gun soon after they came out. I need to replace that one.

    You're right about the mild recoil. The M&P40s and M&P45s are known for that. My M&P45s recoil less than my 1911s too.

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    I kinda want to get a M&P 45, but Iím trying to save up for a 1911/2011, and my model 64 set me back again when I bought that, not that Iím mad about that, I love that old revolver.

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    Went to the range today. Brought the new-ish Bergara, my White Oak Armament 16" SPR, my 11.5" mini recce, and a cute new handgun silencer that finally came through - a CGS Mod 9 SK.

    Mostly was there to shoot the Bergara. The barrel heats up pretty fast with a suppressor so having to learn to be a little more patient with that one. Makes me appreciate my automatic precision rifles that much more.

    Speaking of which, here is a 5 round group at 100M that the 16" SPR. Yes it was the best one I shot all day. So what. Haven't measured it but eyeballs around 1/4 -1/3 MOA (yellow square = 1x1") which for a gas gun is basically pure magic.

    Also, the can was really cool, but pretty loud. Works and compared to my Octane 45HD basically isn't there; handling of pistol feels minimally changed.

    The 11.5" also did well; the criterion core barrel is advertised as being suppressor friendly but would not run with the YHM Turbo K initially. VLTOR A5 with the H4 buffer and +10% spring now is almost a touch over sprung but worked beautifully despite the cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephrology View Post

    Nice group!!

    What ammo?
    -Seconds Count. Misses Don't-

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondsCount View Post
    Nice group!!

    What ammo?

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    Finally got some new or updated toys to the range yesterday.

    American flag themed Ruger MKIV Lite. I really need to take the time and install the VQ trigger kit I have for it.

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    I was waiting to catch a VQ LLV upper on the VQ clearance page for the Tandemkross Kraken frame but a couple of months ago I spied this blem 6" Mamba X upper. These are flat topped with holes for multiple optic footprints. The blem on this one is they missed drilling the holes to mount a C-More.

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    Thanks to the operator the targets aren't much to brag about but this thing is a joy to shoot! Those targets are 10 rounds of TAC-22 offhand at 10 yards. The grips feel great but the finger grooves don't quite jive with my hand placement. I'm not competing with it so I'll probably leave them be.

    Pretty sure I'm going to call it the Black Kraken but since the frame color reminds me of the green on current Hemi Challengers I might call it the Hemi Mamba.

    Uberti .38 Special Schofield

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    I really need to find a better load than AE 158g LRN for this one but that's all I had on hand. I also need to put some time into figuring out the best way to grip it. I tried several different 1 and 2 hand holds but never got comfortable with it. It sure is pretty though...

    96G Elite II with 9mm barrel

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    This was the unexpected star or the show. I've had it out a few times before but never more than a mag or 2 before moving on to something else. I wound up putting ~125 rounds of 115g Norma through it, mostly working 10 rounds of DAO at 7 yards. I think this one needs to come out to play more often.

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    Shot my supressed APC Pro with Rugged .45 for the first time. It was awesome shooting suppressed. I couldn't take ear pro off because of others on the line, but def less report.
    I also tried out Holosun SCS. I really like the form factor - it's low profile and regular sights provide a perfect co-witness. Hoping it will be durable/reliable in the long run.
    Finished off with a few magazines through my AUG.

    My mom also had a blast shooting Glock 44 and mag the suppressed APC. With a red dot, she easily hit shoot n c at 20 yards. This is for someone who was shooting shoulder fired arms for the first time in their life and has astigmatism.

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    revisiting LEM

    After 4 years away from them, refreshing my LEM groove. It has taken about 3 weeks, a dozen range sessions, dry fire, and nearly 1K rounds until I am performing on my benchmarks at a "satisfactory to carry the gun" level again today. Rangemaster Instructor Q, the Test, RM Advanced Bullseye.

    This trigger system is a jealous mistress in my case but it is familiar to me again now.

    I also have to have some orange paint to square off the top of the Trijicon HD sights or else I have worse vertical stringing.

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    Damn cold, but on the way to church, I stopped and put a magazine thru the Beretta 92 compact I purchased.
    Shoots great, and plan to get back to the range next weekend.

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    Barely mediocre with every platform.

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    I went for a walk in the desert with my BMR and can. Parted the hair of one jack at about 80 yards, and saw a few more, but didn't connect. Also shot a few rounds from my Glock 19.

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