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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StraitR View Post
    You would be well served by a Magpul Bev block for installing muzzle devices. That, or a Geissele Reaction Rod, but it's much more expensive.

    The Bev Block, via Brownells PF Affiliate link...
    Another tool to buy?

    Get thee behind me Satan.................and push!

    Thanks for the link

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc45414 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
    I had a single instance of a failure to fire.
    I'll have to disassemble it and see what's up with the innards of this gun.
    Might be worth ordering in some new springs, since they are cheap and the YOUNGEST they could be is 32 years old
    Not a bad idea, although the springs seem to be in fine working order.

    So I took the gun apart and cleaned it. It did clean up the trigger pull some, but otherwise I didn't see anything particular that could cause an issue. My working hypothesis is that I might be defaulting to the way I shoot my DA/SA pistols and not returning the trigger all the way forward, causing a shooter induced malfunction. More testing is required. Oh, woe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StraitR View Post
    The Bev Block, via Brownells PF Affiliate link...
    Quote Originally Posted by gringop View Post
    Another tool to buy?

    Get thee behind me Satan.................and push!
    This thing recently hit my radar, and I have a new barrel, and am thinking about a big handguard swap around activity, so pretty sure I will get one. I watched a YT demo of one last night that pointed out that the clamshell thing I have puts all the pressure on the pin on the extension and the slot in the receiver, and even if it works it just seems wrong.

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    Had my 1985-vintage Beretta 92F and my 2019 H&K USP Expert .45 out to the range this morning. The 92 has Langdon grips and a #12 hammer spring making it handle and shoot very smoothly. Wish it had better sights but that's a project for upcoming months. The USP shot just like my 9mm Expert and .45 Elite--boringly accurate and soft-shooting for a .45.

    Here's a target after 25 rounds of .45 ACP 230gr Federal harball at 10 yards from the USP, fired in 5-round strings at a 1-second cadence. I need to work on my first-shot DA trigger presses and move the rear sight to the left a bit, but I think this gun will shoot.

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    What did you shoot today

    Wilson EDC9 and Wilson lightweight CQB both in 9mm.Name:  1DFF566F-EA26-4592-9C08-3D53F14BC3D2.jpg
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    Dan Bertochinni in action!

    At some early year PRS or NRL matches this year with some top 10 finishes

    CS Tactical
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    That HK mag is funny...
    Semper Paratus,


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    I spent 3.5 glorious hours at the range Sunday. The weather was ugly so it wasn't packed, everything I brought worked and I shot reasonable well (for me) when I did my part.

    I picked up this Ruger Precision Rimfire .22LR from a local place where it was on consignment late last year and this was my first range trip with it. I'd read reports from several folks that I know are good shooters that didn't have a lot of luck with theirs so I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised after I got the scope dialed in. The flyer in the group on the left was either the first or second shot of the group.
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    Put a few mags through the Ruger PCC and confirmed I do not like the Burris FF at all. I've tried it on several rifles and pistols and the auto-brightness and myself just don't get along. The rifle and I on the other hand get along great. I'll swap in the Glock magwell and it'll be in consideration for some TEOTWAWKI scenario. Or maybe I'll just start shooting our monthly carbine match with it.
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    Got a Storm Lake 40-9 barrel for the M&P40 last month and finally got a chance to give it a spin along with some new mags. Put about 170 rounds through the new barrel and mags with the last 136 starting with all 4 mags loaded, working over the 20 yd steel plates trying to get good hits at speed until I'd gone through all 4 mags, reload them as fast as I could and then do it again. Ammo was a mix of Blazer Brass 115g FMJ, 115g FMJ and JHP from a commercial loader (I don't recall who offhand, maybe LAX but certainly one of those types of places) and a few pieces of steel case that somehow made their way to me. Everything fed and ejected just fine, no problems at all.
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    Name:  IMG_2753.jpg
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    Got a family pic of my M&Ps as well
    Name:  IMG_2756.jpg
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    Subsonic 223, My progessing poosible failboat project.

    Got a 223 suppressor, check? Time for endless reloading experimentation to try for an endpoint that probably doesn't exist/aka, 223 subsonic suppressed rounds? Check!!!

    Hodgen shows a load of 4.0gr Trail Boss with a 55gr FMJ at 1,074. This would be subsonic at 60 degrees Fahrenheit (1117.24 fps).

    My chrono results from this weekend using the above load show 1126fps avg on a 16" BCM barrel. My "no hearing protection and crono" results show that 964 fps results in a true James Bond suppressed "futt" sound out of the gun. Other rounds above the sound barrier never got below the 50 DB level and were loud as F. No keyholeing or otherwise bullet upsets were observed on the target. So as a conclusion, we need effective rounds to be below the sound barrier.

    Bullet drop with reduced loads:
    At 28 yds, the longest distance on this specific range, the normal 3k plus fps reloads hit 1" low (sighted in at 100 yrds), the Trail Boss 4.0 loads hit at 3" low. "At 30 yards, this load hits 2" low"

    "Preliminary conclusions"
    I've just loaded up a significant number of 3.8gr Trail Boss 55gr fmjbt rounds to test the next time I'm at the range. I am presuming that they will be consistently subsonic. If they hit 2" low at 28 yrds what will they do at 100yds? At < 964 fps, what will they do to a target animal/human? Is this a silly backyard squirrel shooter, or can we make it into something useful?

    Using heavier bullets:
    I've ordered some 75gr bullets for further experimentation. Heavier bullets=easier to keep subsonic while adding energy to bullet impact.

    "sub Trail Boss section" ---My comments;
    "We don't give shit what you are shooting. Trail Boss Is so wimpy that ridiculous volumetric measurements are sufficient to keep you from blowing up your gun and all those around you. Pour on the coal, you stupid puss, Gott dang it, buy more of our stuff!!!!

    From Hodgen's site:

    Find where the base of the bullet to be loaded is located in the case and make a mark on the outside of the case at
    this location. Then fill the case to that mark with Trail Boss, pour into the scale pan and weigh. This is your
    maximum load. Pressures will be below the maximum allowed for this cartridge and perfectly safe to use!
    Take 70% of this powder charge weight (multiply the maximum load from step 1 by .7), and that is your starting

    Start with this beginning load and work up to your maximum charge, all the while searching for the most accurate
    reduced load. Once found, the fun begins!

    My plan going forward is to Trail Boss the F out of this Project, possibly to find a 223 load that will be quiet, subsonic and effective. If that is not possible, I will find a 75 gr load that is quieter than the speed of sound or work with normal powder for a lower sound signature.
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    Thunder Ranch Nighthawk Combat Special in 9mm!Name:  144202C9-0911-4492-8EEA-963B79285E61.jpg
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