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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCN View Post
    Oh also… you had “production” listed but I didn’t see a reload…

    Production is 10+1 and that was 12 shots unless I missed a stealth reload.

    Did you reload? Or else you’re bumped to Limited minor.
    Mods feel free to move this to my need to clutter up this thread with back and forth.

    @JCN I appreciate that. Now I understand why production is dead. Reload after 10 is a head scratcher. Very much looking forward to getting my slide back and having a consistent setup.

    Also, I'm never sure if the stages (either SC or USPSA) are setup 100% correct. I did resort to using my LRF to check several times, but was called out for gaming. I explained that I was not confident in x's ability to read a tape measure, got a good laugh, and magically things started reading correctly.
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    Ordered a Holosun SCS recently. Installed it a couple nights ago and zeroed it today. I’m liking it. Had an ACRO on this gun, gotta find (buy) something to mount it on now.

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    Bergara .22 LR Match

    Our club had our monthly rimfire benchrest match this morning….a beautiful morning and a good turnout of shooters on hand.

    I just wasn’t able to keep my shots in that little ten ring at 100 yards this morning….ended up 3rd of 12 shooters in Factory class with.a 189-2x.

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    What did you shoot today?

    Shot a USPSA match that actually required speedy reloading on the move. 2nd place CO against very stiff competition. Fun! But I still miss Production.

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    Yesterday morning I went to the range with my new Bergara B14R - the glass for it is on the way still, but I was anxious/impatient and put on an old Nikon P-Rimfire instead, loaded with Eley Club.

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    First 5 were to just get it to where I could try to zero it, next 5 were for zero confirmation-ish, next 40 were to try to cement it in place..all groups (except for the bottom right 5 round group) are 10 round groups at 50 yards.

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    After all that I started to try to shoot groups, I had to make a couple of adjustments but by the last 70 or so rounds, I think I had it dialed in.

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    I'm not a precision shooter by any means...but this thing makes me look good. I forgot how fun rimfire could be...

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