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Thread: What did you shoot today?

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    out of here

    Made me happy

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    Thanks @Mike C

    Shot 288 on Super Test by cutting semiauto par times and round counts in half then doubling to get score.

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    Video here:

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    I can pee outside.
    Got out this morning with the 856 taurus.
    Put a target out at 25, and ran 6 round strings, allowing the shots 5 seconds.
    6 shots in 5 seconds at 25.
    I'm pleased with the Taurus.
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    Did 20 rounds from my new FN15, at 100.
    MRO as the optic. Wanted to run more, but I've got errands to get to.
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    Now it's back to the holiday honey-do list.
    "... And miles to go before I sleep".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobM View Post
    I shot a sprinter match at the local club, using my M&P9 CORE/ACRO. Need to up my conditioning.
    I did it last year. I take some limited pride in the fact that I didn't die or barf...

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    Worked on refining the zero on a new-ish Tikka CTR with Burris XTR3 and chrono-ing the S&B ammo I have a fair bit of. Ended up with decent data- ES of 20, SD of 8.01. Name:  IMG_4041.jpg
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    Anything I post is my opinion alone as a private citizen.

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    Wednesday I put on some in service training for some bailiffs and probation officers. I demoed with the 2.0 Compact 9mm that I carry when working at the courthouse.

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    Changed muzzle device on AI and installed one on AUG, plus getting some time on my "precision AR":

    If you forget counterweight:

    AI and Larue:


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    I shot an IDPA match today, probably the first one in over a year -for sure first match since the new rulebook came out. I have to say, it was fun and the local stage designers have really stepped up their game with some good stages. I was also exposed to some of the new rule changes and I think they made the game better.

    I shot Carry Optics so wasn’t able to take advantage of the 15 rnd capacity like the SSP guys. It surprised me the first few times when somebody kept shooting and didn’t do a reload when I thought they should have.

    Biggest beneficial rule change IMO is you can now ditch a mag even though you aren’t at slide lock as long as the mag was empty. No more needing to fire an extra round at a target just to go to slide lock.

    I like that they had these ‘surprise’ targets that you had to engage on the move.

    Engagement priority makes sense, either “slice the pie” or if you’re standing in the open engage the targets from near to far.

    All in all, a good time today and I’m glad I went.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondsCount View Post
    I spent another day at the Whittington Center yesterday.

    They have a steel Buffalo at 1120 yards and I was able to make several hits on it with the old target rifle in 30-06.

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    If that's an NRA Sporter you're a horrible human being and I hate you to the end of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catshooter View Post
    If that's an NRA Sporter you're a horrible human being and I hate you to the end of the world.
    I'm more than willing to be a terrible person but it is not an NRA Sporter

    It was acquired last year in a trade. I am still trying to get the details and have a book on the way with more information. My understanding, based on a gunsmith who knows more than I do and referenced his books, is that it is T style target rifle, built by the armory for the USMC rifle team.
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