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Thread: How to dye a Glock 19X frame

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    How to dye a Glock 19X frame

    Quote Originally Posted by Up1911Fan View Post
    How did you dye your frame?
    Completely stripped the frame, and clean it really well with alcohol or aerosol gun cleaner. Make sure all the grease and oil is gone.

    Get some metal hangers to suspend the frame in the pot, you don't want the frame touching the bottom of the pot. Fill will water until it covers the frame.

    Remove the frame and bring the water temp up to right at boiling, about 200-212 degree.

    Add Black Rit Dye liquid, powder should work too, but make sure and stir it well.

    Place the frame in the dye, turn off the heat, and leave the pot on the hot burner. I let my frames go for about 30 minutes. Remove and wash off the frame in regular water.

    You now have a black 19X frame.

    The dye goes very deep into the plastic. I tested some parts before I went this route. You have to dig out chunks of the polymer to get the coyote to show through. Normal wear, handling and shooting will not wear this off. I have around 2000 rounds thorough my first one and it looks exactly like it did the day I did it.

    The best part is, if it ever gets damaged and the coyote shows trough, I can re dye it and it will be good as new.

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    Copied to our "Ask the Armorer" section, because outstanding post! Thank you.

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    @Texaspoff any reason this wouldn't work on an fde m&p?

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    Sho nuff

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    Excellent info!

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