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Thread: FN 509 Tactical

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCSU74 View Post
    Trijicon made the decision to force it into auto every 16 hours. Why? I have no idea..
    Now that's a fine detail I haven't noticed. Guess I'm sticking with the Type 1s and saving a hundred bucks or so when I buy my next one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by einherjarvalk View Post
    Now that's a fine detail I haven't noticed. Guess I'm sticking with the Type 1s and saving a hundred bucks or so when I buy my next one.
    They also bungled the new lock out feature. Instead of locking out the setting you want (which would make sense) it locks it into auto mode. Again.. why??? ha.

    The argument is well you only have to set it every 16 hours, which doesn't seem like a big deal. Until you work an OT shift before your 10/12 shift or get stuck on a call and you have to set an alarm to remind you to take out your pistol and re-set your dot. Hopefully you aren't searching a building or in a chase when that alarm goes off... I've gone over the 16 hour mark the last 5 days..

    For duty use, type 1 all the way. Use a battlworx plate and you're good to go..

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    Good to know. My guns are as far from duty use as they get, but it does give me a valid reason to save an extra $100 or so when equipping a new gun with an RMR.

    I've had a Type 1 RM06 on an MOS Glock for a few thousand rounds using a Battleworx plate; while it's made a trip back to the mothership once it had less to do with anything the Type 2 would've solved and everything to do with someone not torqueing the windage screw down properly, which caused it to walk every few hundred rounds. It hasn't given me any more fuss since getting it back in December other than a single case of a mounting screw starting to walk and needing to be re-torqued in the first 100 rounds after reinstallation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    It is interesting that I broke eight DP Pro optics since fall 2017 on a bunch of Glock MOS and Walther Q5 pistols, and have yet to break one of the four direct milled DP Pro optics I have on two CZ Shadow and two CZ P09 pistols.
    You'd need an accelerometer attached to the slides of each to verify the hypothesis, but if memory serves hammer-fired systems have a much slower initial slide velocity during first movement after firing - as not only are the barrel and slide still joined as they start moving to the rear and unlocking from each other, but the slide is recocking the hammer (linear motion of the slide working against the arcing motion of the hammer from rest). From this stems a gradual increase in slide velocity until the slide is moving at its fastest after the barrel unlocks and the hammer is cocked fully to the rear; that itself being slower then the equivalent period of travel for a striker-fired system, from all of the energy already bled off against that resistance.

    Higher level shooters may occasionally perceive this as a greater degree of whipping sensation immediately after firing and before the slide fully cycles to the rear and then forward again. Most shooters will feel a related pattern of resistance in charging a DA\SA or DAO weapon without having cocked the hammer in advance. The separation of the different sensations\stages-of-recoil does get muddled when the recoil spring is towards the end of its service life, as the slide will be felt to finish its rearward movement much more sharply with a more violent end to the travel to the rear.

    Short version: that makes sense!
    Runcible Works

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Mitchum View Post
    Nice informative video. Man Larry looks good!

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    I handled one at a local shop and was unimpressed. Especially with the trigger. Itís bad. But Iím thinking of getting one anyway to play with, especially with the Apex triggers coming out.

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    I think for how much these cost, the trigger should be better by far. But, I think the rest of the gun is a pretty slick setup. I would like to have a factory rds pistol that does not need a direct mill to have a reliable dot. And hopefully a 15rnd version will come out. Then you can just switch the top ends out.

    A guy can dream right?

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    Handled one Wednesday. The mag release was definitely improved over the standard 509.

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    I picked up a 509 last week, and have 200 rounds through it so far (more will come this weekend). I really like the platform and the feature set. I have not yet mounted an optic (an RMR is showing up today, I have a DeltaPoint on my G19 Gen 4 MOS, but that is going to stay where it is for the time being). The plate system is very forward-thinking - light years ahead of Glock in terms of design and flexibility, and add full co-witness on even the DeltaPoint with the included suppressor-height in my book.

    There are a couple of things that aren't perfect of course, and the leading one is the trigger. I am not quite ready to call it garbage, because it is different with the trigger safety configuration. I will definitely call it a bit heavy, but that is not a surprise to me either. Lighter trigger pulls, be they DA or "striker" (if we want to separate those) are typically heavier for military applications...their civilian counterparts are often more refined and lighter pulls...but that is the reality. I will re-evaluate after 800-1000 rounds, however, as I can somewhat fairly assume that some relative lightening and smoothness will come out of use - as has been the case in every striker-fired pistol I have owned. By the time I square that circle, I am sure the Apex kit will be available, and I will be happy to continue to support them as I have in my Glocks.

    Lastly, one point of contention I have is actually the magwell (or lack thereof). I have found magazine changes to be a bit awkward relative to other poly pistols/1911s, etc. It does require a bit of practice to nine them up - bordering on fine-motor skill. In a stressful situation, I would like to have 1000s of repetitions - it just isn't quite as easy as most duty style pistols at this price-point...a little beveling would go a LONG way there. far so good with the platform! I like the tactile feel and balance....the quality seems to be overall I think this presents a decent value in the market - assuming one values the MHS feature-set.

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