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Whew.... So I finally got to go out and give this a spin. Thankyou to Reid for posting them and his unedited video cleaning them. Obviously nobody would believe you can shoot like that unless you do Lots of "instructors" can't shoot. I recall Matt Sera on UFC saying once that you don't learn to be an Olympic swimmer from somebody that's never jumped in a pool.... So Reid, I enjoyed your video. Thanks.

I went out with the intent of having a start to finish video of me shooting this and as of Friday I thought I did. I only edited a "fast forward" through the lame parts of me talking and posted the video.... Only to realize then I skipped two staged and did another one incorrectly (confused it with one from the Glock Instructor Test). OK, so not an official version of course My two takeaways. 1: The test is legit. 2: I don't like proprietary targets or special targets... I get discarded LE/USPSA Targets from the same range @Mr_White does...and I have to wake up pretty early in the morning and get them before he does

So here's my vid, hope you like it.

Very nice work. You have some serious skills man. Smooth draw, good follow up shots.