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Thread: Fundamentals, Accuracy, & Speed Test (F.A.S.T.)

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    That is a pretty solid run!
    I shot the PX4 before it was cool.

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    Having a chat with Mick from carry trainer earlier.

    I admited to him I havenít ran a fast since I got the coin...

    He Told me to Not be afraid of losing to anyone- even myself.

    Solid thought process there I think.

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    So I finally did it!

    On my third run today I scored a 4.86 clean: 1.91 .41 1.82 .26 .23 .23

    I usually shot low 5s but it feels great to finally break into the 4s.

    I still have a lot of work to do to make this repeatable.

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    Very nice! Your reload and splits on the circle are on point.

    I look for getting around a 1.5-1.6 draw to first shot (with consistency) and a .4 to .5 split. Ultimately trying for 2.0 to 2.1 for the head shots. Thatís where I would concentrate to make up time. It will help make your performance repeatable and it will allow you that .33 vs .23 split on the back end.

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    From concealment @7 My personal best. Had my big fat finger in the frame.

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    Managed to cut my personal best down a little more. I'm enjoying running this drill right now.

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    I've started focusing the FAST drill this month after signing up for an LTT class scheduled for later this year. Currently I only have holster draw authorization for my range with an open carry/duty holster; is there a recommended type to work with? I know ALS/SERPA adds .5 sec to your final score, so I'm looking at an SLS setup for my Elite LTT for the sake of keeping things simple, assuming it doesn't add any penalty.

    My current splits aren't great and I keep fudging the DA shot on the 3x5. When I can run it clean, I'm generally in the 6.5-7 sec range, though I can't be sure without a shot timer.

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