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Thread: Fundamentals, Accuracy, & Speed Test (F.A.S.T.)

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    No coin run but a 5.90 with a 92dxr. Not bad for a hillbilly and a double action only beretta. Someone like @jetfire could do a coin run with once for sure.

    I had too much lag from extension to first shot, eye sprinting, reload was slow/low, and i was doing some odd body learn stuff but it'll do as i get more comfortable with it. Very much enjoying this fella.

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    Coin Holders #14 and #15. It was awesome being on the range with Trey this past weekend!Name:  4F09632E-7445-4A30-A7A0-C5238A4BA5E5.jpg
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    5.62s with revolver

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    Wonder if anyone has done sub-5 second FASTs with both sides?

    Iíll bet there are a number of people who could.

    It took me a hard core week of practice, but am able to do sub-5 left handed now.

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    4.91 s with 9mm revolver

    Pointing at cardboard things....

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