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Thread: Reloads during drills

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    I don't really practice them, they just kinda happen naturally when the gun locks open. Gun auto-forwards so it's not really any different than any other reload other than being out of bullets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes168 View Post
    When doing either live fire or dry fire drills- do you do your reloads from a slide lock position?
    For me, this is very drill and situation dependent. My dry fire reload practice is pretty minimal and tends to be all tactical loads all the time, since that is for me the most difficult type of reload to do well. (Screwed it up twice this match season! Go me!) Live fire, a lot depends on what the ground is like. Lots of mud or snow, if I dump a magazine in there I can expect that to be the last time said magazine will work before I get a chance to clean it. Dry sand, no worries dumping empty magazines on the ground. Sometimes the ground / weather conditions even force me to change the drills I do, so I don't run out of magazines in the middle of practice. (My gear tends to change according to the weather, too. With inclement weather I'm more likely to opt for the tactical gear, since it's open carry and thus allows me to stay snug in my warm and waterproof clothing.)

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    Semi-retired here; some IDPA, Steel Challenge-shot a GSSF match this weekend(no reloads under time; did a “tac load” between each string.
    To the OP: dry practice slide lock loads primarily, with a few “speed”(slide forward) loads. Live fire: primarily slide lock, but again a few speed loads. I recall Hackathorns comment:”Usually over in a few rounds, or shoot to slidelock.” Different perspectives, different emphasis; GJM competes regularly, so a speed load makes sense for him, it seems. Claude Werner didn’t find many(any?) empty loads in his studies, but if I had to start with one:slide lock. Then “speed”, then “tactical”(or mag save-whatever).
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