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Thread: H&K VP9 and VP9SK

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    Exclamation H&K VP9 and VP9SK

    Hey folks, looking to move my VP9 and VP9SK.

    VP9 is the LE version with night sights and 3x 15 round mags. Round count is under 1k, around 800 I believe, and comes with an Incog AIWB holster. I am the original owner.

    The VP9SK comes with 2x 10 round mags with finger extensions and 1x 13 round mag. The sights have been upgraded to Trijicons. I am second owner of the VP9SK and have not shot it.

    I also have a bunch (5?) extra 15 round VP9/P30 mags that I am willing to sell with the VP9 / part out once the VP9 is sold.

    Willing to trade for a low round count 19X, P07, G519.

    VP9: 450shipped
    VP9SK: 450 shipped

    I'll take some pics in the AM.

    Feel free to make an offer if you're serious.
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    Pics of the two.

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    Price drop to 500 each. Lets get these moving.

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    Final price drop and trades added.

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    I really want another 19x so another price drop.

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    VP9SK is sold pending funds.

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    Buyer backed out vp9sk still available.

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