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Thread: Stoeger M3x00 vs A300

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    If you buy the inertia gun, and if you first run a few 3 inch mag shells through it, this step will hasten break in time. Gas operated shotguns soften apparent recoil by spreading out the time over which the "kick" is occurring. My guess is that inertia or recoil operated shotguns are the least common type seen on clay target ranges. When at Academy, look at Winchester's semi auto guaranteed by FN and serviced at the great Browning Repair center. Price is right too. An outstanding shotgun would be a used a Rem 1100, which will run forever with an in-frequent 0 ring change. It may be the world's softest shooting shotgun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P.E. Kelley View Post
    My fault, this forum is too smart for blanket statements.

    1 ounce loads under 3 dram eq, are my criteria for the top end of light loads.
    While some inertia guns will run 1 ounce payloads at 1150 fps, it is not to be expected.

    Some gasser's like the A300 will run those quite reliably. Some will run subsonic loads too, like 1 1/8 ounce at 900fps.
    That load is great for the new shooter, the younger shooter or anyone that recoil sensitive.
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    I just found out about the Stoeger M3000 series. Does Benelli own Stoeger or something? My Dad sent it to me to look at, and it peeked my interest real quick at those price ranges. I am getting back into sporting clay and trap again, I sold my Beretta 391 teknys and hate my own guts ever since I did. I really like my Dad's Benelli Cordoba but I do not like the price tags on semi auto shotguns. My teknys was definitely a softer shooter than my Dad's Benelli but I found I could track faster with his since it was lighter, or at least felt that way to me. I'd like a shotgun that can do double duty and not necessarily a sporting clay only type set up, as I will be just doing it more for fun this time around.

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