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Thread: Best battle rifle under 1800$

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    Any opinions on the SIG716?

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    Quote Originally Posted by overton View Post
    Any opinions on the SIG716?
    Heavy, short rail with limited replacement options, some have reported accuracy issues.

    For the $ I’d likely buy a SW or Armalite or kick up in price and buy a used LMT.

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    It's probably not perfectly aligned with what the OP was thinking, but the Benelli R1 in .30-06 might be interesting. Not a lot of data on how reliable it would be for "battle," but eventually George will buy one and carry it around AK for us. The ten-round mags make it look pregnant and are expensive, but it's probably pretty good overall. Maybe even grizzly-reliable. It's also not an "assault rifle" under any U.S.-based ban I've bothered to pay attention to so far.

    On Mega Arms, it looks like JSE Surplus is carrying on the "Gator" forged receiver line as a private label. They had the best price when they were marked Mega, and they say their own-branded parts are now made by Mega. Having enough experience with business deals like that, it's fully believable. To me, the "Gator" was the way to go for a build-your-own. Nothing proprietary, just outstanding quality.
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    I'll throw out an outlier for consideration: CZ 527 Carbine, in 7.62 x 39. Exceptionally accurate, extremely well made, very nice handling, 5 round steel detachable box magazine (relatively inexpensive at around $40). 7.62 x 39 is the ballistic equivalent of 30-30, and there are very credible cartridges available quite inexpensively (Wolf Polycoat 123 gr) and Hornady Black SST 123 gr for a higher grade hunting cartridge.

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    Some old AR 10 posts I found doing some research.

    I had an old SR25 many years ago. You guys are making me think I should get back into an AR 10.
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