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Thread: “Go To” Pocket Holsters

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    I don't pocket carry all that much...but when I do it's in an Aholster or Mika depending on the cut of the pocket and the garment.
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    I have been using the Wild Bill's Pocket Packer for about 15 years. I probably need a new one but the old one still works. Great holster and good price for what it is.

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    My FIL has a Desantis Super Fly for his Kimber Micro9. It works very well with the sticky external and the optional flap. Without the flap, it looks like there is a gun in your pocket. With the flap it looks like a wallet or phone. I imagine it will work well with your LCP.

    I got one for my PPS but its so big it doesn't work well in most of my pants. Works well in Wrangler cargo shorts (not cargo pockets).
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    I've been using the pocket holster that came with the LCP. Works fine in jeans for me. Are there advantages to some of the other holsters listed compared to the ruger holster?

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    Mostly, Kramer. I do not generally-pocket-carry, except at home, these days, but experimented quite a bit in the Eighties, Nineties, and early this century. I see pocket carry as more for the second/“roving” gun, and my favorite pocket gun became the SP101, after plenty of J-framing in the Eightiers and Nineties. (My late friend Anthony, on another forum I no longer visit much, coined the term “roving” gun, as opposed to “back-up” gun. His military experience including covert work in Northern Ireland, and combat service in the Falklands. As an expat, he lived on the wild frontier of Brazil, which remains very wild and violent, to this day.)

    Time will tell whether I revert to more-frequent pocket carry, now that I am retired from LEO-ing, and, even with LEOSA, am trying to lower my profile.
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    JMCK. I asked @Tony Mayer and he made me a kydex LCP holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheap Shot View Post
    I've been using the pocket holster that came with the LCP. Works fine in jeans for me. Are there advantages to some of the other holsters listed compared to the ruger holster?
    If you're talking about the sticky textile holster that resembles the old Uncle Mikes (currently copied by Blackhawk) design, it mostly does what a pocket holster is supposed to do; cover the trigger, allow for a firing grip and keep the gun oriented (and secure) in the pocket.

    I used them occasionally way back when they were initially introduced, but I couldn't get them to last very long plus they lose their shape pretty quickly. But, at $10 a pop, replace it as needed and consider it disposable piece of gear.
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    I've been using the cheap Uncle Mike's types for years, for j-frames and subcompact autos. Always worked fine for me, always in the role of a BUG.

    I do like that term "roving gun", I believe I'll add that to my vocabulary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWT View Post
    I have a Ruger LCP that I don’t often touch but candidly I should carry.

    I took it out and shot it a few weeks back and was pretty accurate with it.

    I enjoy carrying my Glock 19 Gen 5, but reality is I work in a NPE and guns are often left in the car or at home. Shirts are usually tucked in at work. That little LCP just makes sense.

    What do you guys use?
    Desantis Nemesis usually, or Mika.

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    I’ve used a Kramer Pocket Holster with S&W Airweights for decades. For the G42, a Desantis Nemesis has worked fine.

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