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Thread: Kimber's reputation blinding us to an excellent choice?

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    I have a 3” K6s, and while it is still early days I’m actually very impressed with it. I’ll report back in a few years...

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    I have no need for a .357 in that size, so I'll stick to J frame .38s.
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    The four K6 I've handled have been the most impressive new DA wheelies I've handled in many years. Owners' reviews seem to back that up.
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    I worry that owner reviews are deeply compromised by confirmation bias. However, now I'm an owner and I really like the thing too. So, I reach out to the hive-mind. So much distrust of Kimber. Sadly, all of it well earned.
    It is much easier to shoot than my J frames (all airweight/scandiums), real sights, 6 rounds, and doesn't skip a chamber with sloppy trigger reset like my LCRs. I want this to be a Cobra or better revolver. Wanting must turn into waiting for now. I think I'll run the snot out of it in the meantime. Looking forward to Dagga's review of the Night Cobra...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 314159 View Post
    It is much easier to shoot than my J frames (all airweight/scandiums), real sights, 6 rounds,...
    Other then “six rounds”, I could say the same thing about my 3 inch Model 60 compared to my Model 442.
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    I found it hard kicking, Loved the sight options, nice trigger, reasonably accurate. I guess time will tell.

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    I have a CDP K6 and LOVE LOVE this gun. Funny how most of you dont or wont give the gun a chance. Of course there is going to be some lemons in every group of guns but after trying multiple J frames and realizing that their PC guns are yet to be desired after spending upwards to 200 bucks more than a standard J so the trigger can come closer to the K6 trigger is disheartening in my book. You can find reasonably priced K6's in the 700-800 range if you look for one. And yes, I think after some of you give it a chance you wont be dissatisfied with your choice. The trigger, real gun sights and 6th round did it for me. I love mine and it shoots awesome...

    I bought one last year and did a review of it below and had to sell it due to bills piling up was the only reason. I since climbed out of that slump and bought the CDP to replace the standard SS one in my review. So yes, I do have some trigger time with them and know what I am talking about. Check out my below review.
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    I dunno... We're here talking about reliability and some then there are scores of horror stories with newer S&W j-frames. That was enough to make me pick a Ruger LCR instead.

    Personally, I shot ~400 rounds through a kimber (T&E before buying), but it was just too big and heavy to justify as a pocket gun. I'll accept the 5-shot trade-off with my LCR due to the weight savings, etc.

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    Kimber struck out with me, at the 1911 level. Three up; three down. This WAS from Kimber’s so-called early/good era. People I knew, by first and last name, rather than pen name, tended to have similar experiences, if not quite the same failure rate with multiple pieces.

    I was able to fix one of my first pair of Kimber, the so-called so-called Classic Custom models, well enough myself, with carefully-selected third-party parts. The other of this pair made an excellent training weapon, throwing an FTF at me from time to time. They would feed target wadcutter reliably, but then the one finicky pistol would choke on normal new factory ammo, about one in four hundred, average, more or less. Oh, and I had to use Metalform 7-round mags, nothing else, with both of these, except that the more-reliable of them was 100% reliable with one Colt 7-round mag. One Colt mag, of several tried.

    I shot the best groups of my life with my third Kimber, a Stainless Gold Match, but it needed the extractor to be replaced, from the start. No, not tuned. Replaced. I doubt it was heat-treated properly. All was decently well, except that it demanded McCormick Power Mags, solamente. It choked with the Metalform mags that my other two Kimbers used, and yet those other two choked with Power Mags. Sigh, deeply, shrug, and carry on.

    For reference, my two Series 80 Colt Government Models were reliable, one from round one, and the other after 200 rounds, and neither cared which mags I used. My Govt-sized SAI, acquired in the very early days of SAI 1911 pistols, was 100% reliable.

    Then, about the turn of the new century, along came my Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special, reliable from round one, with any magazine. No 1500-round break-in required, as declared by the pundits. It was 1500+ rounds of just practicing. Life was good. Soon, by 2002, the Kimbers went away.

    Last year, I handled a Kimber revolver. Light trigger, but industrial-ugly. I have Rugers, which are industrial-ugly enough, but acceptable. I prevailed, in an OIS, with a personally-owned GP100, and Ruger revolvers took a step upward in beauty. Kimber revolvers are as industrial-ugly as Ruger autos.

    Even without my experience with Kimber 1911-ishness, I am inclined to remain a GP100/SP101/Speed-Six/K/L/N/J/SAA shooter. I will let a new, younger generation be the beta testers for Kimber.

    Please, consider my “tone” to be soft-“spoken,” matter-of-fact/pragmatic.
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    Normally you couldn't give me a Kimber for free. However, I've developed a new interest in guns of this type as a possible post-retirement carry option. The new Colt Cobra is highly interesting and I'll be watching the shakeout on this Kimber with equal attention. I'd be very happy if it turned out to be a worthwhile option, but others will have to be the beta-testers. I'm normally a Kimber basher and with founded reasoning, but I'd happily change my mind if given cause. I have several vintage snubbies that would fill the role, but they're vintage and therefore not easily replaced or repaired. Years ago I carried a DAO variant of the Ruger SP-101. I have nothing but praise for that gun and could see picking up another one, but I'd like to see how these six-shooters pan out.
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