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Thread: Ed Mireles FBI Miami Firefight Lecture

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    Ed Mireles FBI Miami Firefight Lecture

    Over the past 50 years there have been a number of incidents which caused the firearms training community to stop, re-evaluate and revamp training doctrine, weapons and tactics. The Newhall Incident (1970), the Bank of America hold-up in North Hollywood (1997), and Columbine (1999) caused huge changes in law enforcement equipment, tactics and procedures. However, many of those lessons are most relevant to law enforcement officers, not the armed private citizen.

    On April 11, 1986, however, the FBI firefight in Miami contained numerous lessons for anyone who goes armed. The FBI Special Agents in this incident were in plain civilian clothing, riding in unmarked cars, wearing concealed handguns. Many facets of this furious gun battle parallel elements of a private citizen shooting in response to an armed robbery or car-jacking. In fact, this is the single incident with the most pertinent lessons for the armed citizen that I have found.

    Retired Special Agent Ed Mireles was one of the FBI agents involved in that gun battle, and was the agent who wound up killing both of the suspects. Ed recently published a book, FBI Miami Firefight, Five Minutes That Changed the Bureau . Over the years, Mireles has many times delivered an intensive lecture on this event at law enforcement academies and conferences. We are proud to announce that Ed will be conducting this exhaustive examination of this fight for an open enrollment audience on Saturday, December 1, 2018, at the Double Tree Hotel in Tampa, Florida. The address is 4500 W. Cypress St, Tampa, FL, 33607, which is just a few minutes from Tampa International Airport.

    This event will begin at 11:30am with a social hour. Ed’s lecture will run from 12:30pm to 5:30pm, followed by a book signing, finishing up at 6:30pm. Registration is only $125.00 per person. To register, see

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    Ed Mireles FBI Miami Firefight Lecture

    I feel privileged to say that I just registered for this event.

    Listening to Tom use this incident as a teaching segment in my Rangemaster Combative Pistol Course last summer was one of the most impactful parts of the course.

    To have the opportunity to get a perspective from Mr. Mireles, himself, wow. I’m not sure how to put that into words.

    I live in Safety Harbor, approximately 15 miles west of this hotel in Tampa’s Westshore Business district, so to have this land literally on my doorstep is pretty amazing.
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