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Thread: Light weight TDA choices- PX4CC vs P07

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    Quote Originally Posted by newyork View Post
    What lights fit the px4cc? It doesn’t fit full size lights am I correct?
    The Streamlight TLR-3 fits the PX4CC.

    You are correct -- full-size lights do not fit. The TLR-7/8 does not fit, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP552 View Post
    I’ve yet to handle a USPc with a decent DA trigger. Small sample size of 2 or 3 a few years ago when I seriously considered buying one. I’m probably going to do the PX4 CC 4 since I’m kinda on a Beretta kick.

    Again, I really appreciate everyone’s info!
    I you can source yourself a Robar/Langdon modified one with the NP3 internals, I highly recommend that you do so! That bobbed hammer and trigger job were absolutely astounding on the one that I had for a brief period of time (Mod 5). The combination of the NP3 and rotary barrel system also make it incredibly easy to cycle by hand. It glides slicker than snot.

    I had two P-07's and one PX4CC Mod 5 for a short period of time. The P-07's just work, plain and simple and don't need anything from the factory to make them serviceable. That being said they still didn't feel as refined as the Beretta and I had more confidence in the quality of materials of the Beretta. For instance I chipped a piece of slide steel off of a P10C while using a nylon punch to install a CZ Custom rear sight that was already fitted.

    The Robar guns are sexy, but you are paying a premium for all that. I like the mass of PX4CC slide and how easy it is to manipulate, but it definitely needs an extended decock lever on at least the side accessible by your primary hand thumb.

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