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Thread: Graith x ShivWorks Specialist.2 (Update Page 9)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackdog View Post
    Thatís gonna go well with my Sinn U2 on
    Itís MN Straps Black Ops strap.

    Show off!

    I do agree though. [emoji41]

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    Mack... You tease!

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    Iíll order one as soon as itís available!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdkiller View Post
    I’ll order one as soon as it’s available!!
    Thanks! We are working hard to get these available as soon as we can.

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    I ordered an all black belt earlier.

    Tonight it finally penetrated my thick skull that my current preferred 1.5” Biothane belt has a large, unnecessary bulge that is the result of the traditional buckle and loop. That’s cool for every day when working from home carrying OWB for comfort, but when I go out I ualmost always switch to AIWB. It would make sense to swap to a lower profile belt design while I am at it.

    Or, maybe just wear a lower profile belt design all the time.
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