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How are you guys liking the ACRO? Other then the battery life, any real issues to report? Of all the pistol optics available , there isn't much talk about the Acro lately. Thinking about pulling the trigger on one for my 19 MOS.

Honestly just got my Gen 5 17 MOS a few days ago. Coronaggedon is really screwing up the local dealers around me. Got the Ameriglo front suppressor sight mounted and mounted the Tango Down ACRO plate and screws. I chose the ACRO the mounting system as much as the sealed operating system. The plates for the ACRO seem very well made and interface with the MOS cut well in my opinion. As for the battery life, you have to decide if that is a problem for you. I followed the advice of @TCinVA and just bought 100 batteries. I keep one in the grip with a Glockmeister grip plug, and keep others stashed in my vehicle and elsewhere. I also plan to change the battery every 30 days to mitigate battery life problems. I hope to get the G17 to the range soon to sight in the irons and then the ACRO.