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Thread: Aimpoint just dropped ACRO P-1 MRDS!

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    Aimpoint just dropped ACRO P-1 MRDS!

    Holy Phudge! Iím uncommonly excited.

    GJM, tell me youíve been beta-testing!
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    Following with intense interest.
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    I want to see it on a 1911

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    I want to see it on a 1911

    I would be happy to just see one.
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    Oh man. Shit just got real. Looks a little funny but I bet that housing design makes her pretty durable.

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    ďTested with a minimum of 20,000 rounds on a .40 cal pistol slide, this small optic has proven to lead in ruggedness and reliability in its category.Ē

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    Now if H&K would just release their optics ready VP9 I'd consider jumping into the "MRDS on a pistol" fray with both feet.
    Aimpoint and Trijicon are the only two companies I trust to eventually crack the MRDS durability nut, and so far Trijicon is close but not quite there (the dual illuminated is there as far as durability but 24/7 usability is poor compared to a dot).

    I bet the ACRO P-2 will be GTG.
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    If is a closed emitter, as I believe, that is a game changer for all weather defensive use.
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    Strangely, the links to AP's product page stopped working for me within last two minutes. Before that happened, I glanced on physical specs and I think it was 30 mm tall and wide. Tom's link says this is a tweaked version of a Nano and these dimensions seem to be similar to what I remember of Nano. If I recall correctly, Nano is larger than RMR but has a smaller optical window, hence, I am going to wait to become excited.
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