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Thread: The Specialized Clothing Issue Always Seems To Crop Up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie B View Post
    At least they weren't orange Crocs.

    When I see somebody wearing orange Crocs, I know that they recently got out of the county jail and that they probably weren't wearing shoes when they got arrested.
    Ha! I did not know that.
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    Dress around the gun.

    Dress so that you fit into your surroundings. If you dress like a hiker, you will blend into most environments.

    Woolrich Elite used to make something called (I think) "Discreet" pants, which were like Royal Robbins or 5.11 pants without all the pockets. When they quit making them, I bought a whole bunch on sale so I'd have enough to last for years.

    Propper used to make a quarter zip polo shirt called (I think) a "Fastback" and I liked those and found, depending on size, I could conceal a G43 or G19 and spare magazines easily. The fabric on the shirt was fairly heavy and the tails were long and square cut and it looked good if it wasn't tucked in. Of course, they quit making them, but I was able to search the net and find some in appropriate sizes.

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    Some interesting notes on "the 5.11 Tuxedo" in Iraq... Apparently, its all the rage to for Iragi men to wear 5.11 contractor shit everyday.
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    I think that the post about people seeing what they look for is spot on. I've picked up on people in public wearing the garb of our tribe, especially the low key tac pants like Vertx, hiking shoes/boots, polos or patterned shirts and G-Shok style watches. I exchanged nods with a guy in WalMart as we made each other at about the same time. We looked like we bought stuff from the same rack in the same store.

    The orange croc thing is hilarious to me! I was sent to Pascagoula, Miss after Katrina and the department issued us a goody bag with a brand new set of orange jail shoes. I love em, my wife hates them, to the point that they disappear after a few months and I'll but a brand new pair from the jail for about three bucks. One of our regulars saw me in a grocery store and yells from the opposite corner of the store "Officer Walton why you wearing jail flip flops?!"

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