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Thread: American Rifleman: Testing the 38 Special

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    Quote Originally Posted by okie john View Post
    I miss Nyclads.

    Just sayin'...

    Okie John
    Me too. I still have a few blue/gold boxes of the 158-grain round nose that I use in place of 158-grain LSWC for practice. I also have a few rounds of the standard pressure 125-grain JHP that I used to carry in my S&W M642. The lead in Nyclad is extremely soft as it is very easy to deform the hollow point opening with mere handling. I like the fact that JHP expands a bit without excessive penetration; it has come in handy a few times with animals that needed to be dispatched with what I had with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post
    In my post above, my reloading practice that I now condemn was 5.5 Unique and a 160 grain bullet. I see you specified a 145 gr bullet. Please be aware that I'm not criticizing but merely sharing information.
    Here's a bit of data I found on John Taffin's website:

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    Taffin for decades has been famous as a handgun authority, and as an humble hobbyist I hesitate to point out observations that might contradict him. First, I noticed that the link presents data with one load of 6.0 grs Unique and Lyman's 358429 bullet. Using no. 2 alloy, this bullet weighs 173 grains. Mr. Taffin classifies it as +P. I think that it has 357 mag pressure. It won't blow up a modern K frame. But remember that .38 Spl ammo loaded this hot can mistakenly be fired in small frame or even older K frames like those not rated +P. 50 years ago manuals were much less conservative than today's offerings. The same is true for data suggested by gun writers. Elmer Keith at one time recommended the Lyman 358429 bullet and 8.0 grs Unique in .38 cases when used in heavy frame revolvers. Today you would be hard pressed to find the same data used in.357 mag cases. Taffin's 158 grn load and 5.5 Unique is presented as standard pressure. My suggestion is to use Taffin data in .357 mag handguns and enjoy proven ammo.
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