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Thread: SR1911 Target Rear Sight Options?

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    SR1911 Target Rear Sight Options?

    I have the SR1911 Target version (9mm, bull barrel, CheatMode enabled... ) and am looking for a rear sight with FO dots. When I bought the thing I ASSumed that anything that looked like a Bomar was a Bomar, but after buying a Warren sight, it turns out to not be a Bomar pattern. As it also turns out, there is a Kimber pattern and a LPA pattern, and probably some I don't know, since it turns out I do not know as much as I thought I did.

    I like the looks of this Dawson:
    and they have it in a couple different configurations.

    Does anybody just know if the Ruger is mimicking another, more common, pattern?

    I have searched a bit, and my GoogleFu is reasonably strong, but it seems like people here just know stuff, and when I spend much time looking at other gun forums I always end up sad and angry.

    Aging Eyes in Ohio

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    It sure looks like a Bomar pattern rear sight, but it's possible Ruger is using something proprietary. Your best bet is probably to call Ruger and ask -- hopefully you can talk to someone who actually knows.

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    I think I may have figured it out...

    I think there is an "LPA" pattern that sure looks like Bomar but isn't. There was some helpful info on Kensight:

    And the Dawson I like is an option:

    Will probably phone Dawson in a little bit (when they get opened up) and ask and probably buy.
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    Take a look at heinje and harrison design. They both make fixed sights for lpa cut sights

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    Based on the slide cuts and the dimensions of the Ruger SR1911 Target sight it still looks more like a Bomar style than the LPA style. But I could be wrong.

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    Just spoke to Jay at Dawson, spoke with Jay, and he felt reasonably sure that since the elevation screw is above the dovetail it would be an LPA cut (a Bomar threads into the a threaded hole in the slide). He said if it was in re-saleable condition they will take it back, so I am going to order this:

    Will update when I get it, stay tuned, thanks for the help.

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    This is my sad face...

    Well, I got the Dawson, and it looks awesome, but it is not the same pattern. It looks like it is almost, but the dovetail is in the wrong spot. Going to send it back and call Ruger and see if they can say it is patterned after anything, or if they came up with their own unique sight, for some damn reason.

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    Just spoke with Jay again, who was very helpful again. I emailed some pictures, and he thinks it is a Kimber pattern:

    I emailed the LPA version back at lunchtime.

    Stay Tuned...

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    Not sure if this will help but thought I'd post.

    Good luck. SR 1911 is a nice gun. I'd be curious what kind of groups you get at 25yds once its dialed in.

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    Update - Looks like Kimber Cut...

    Just got the sight that replaced the sight that replaced the sight I bought to replace the sight, and... looks good!

    Not installed yet, I will post pictures when it is.

    Just to recap, the SR1911 has what looks like a "Bomar" sight but is not. There is such a thing as an "LPA" cut that looks like a Bomar, but it is not that either. Turns out there is a format that Kimber probably came up with so they didn't have to pay anybody to use their sight and Ruger mimicked that, probably so they don't have to pay anybody to use their sight.

    Stay Tuned...

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