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Thread: FBI agent ND while dancing

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeepingAngel View Post

    I'm partial to the Ficke Zacchaeus.

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    Mention was made about kydex trigger guard holsters. When traveling with a Glock in a pouch, I have used these for an extra measure of safety. Recently I gave one to an animal control person who uses it on a zipper cased Glock thhat's part of his kit.

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    Have an older Raven I use for the same purpose...just ordered a Fricke for my G43. Thanks for the mention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sensei View Post
    I cant find the article, but it quoted the DA as saying that CO law prohibited persons from carrying firearms while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Their office was awaiting the toxicology report but had decided not to bring that charge based on the results of the drug and alcohol tests.
    Seems crazy to me to not release the results. Should be a matter of public record considering the events that occurred. Id be willing to be if it was you or I theyd be released.

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