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Thread: "For Sale or Trade" Feedback Thread

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    "For Sale or Trade" Feedback Thread

    I decided to start a thread to go along with the "buy/sell/trade" sub-fora (forums?), in which we can give feedback. My idea was that it can always be a little dicey buying stuff off of internet forum threads, so it would be nice if we could somehow know ahead of time that the person with which we were thinking of doing business had someone vouch for them. So, this thread is for giving people the "warm fuzzies" about that "too good to be true"(?) sale. I'll start it off.

    I've had good transactions with:

    As buyer: @Crusader8207

    As seller: @blues, @Whiskey_Bravo, @43Under, @Casual Friday

    (if I've missed anyone, I apologize, as, so far, I've had nothing but good transactions on PF)

    Mods, if you think this is inappropriate, please delete.
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    I've had many very positive exchanges and am embarrassed that I cannot recall all the individuals by name/screen name.
    Here are the few that remain in my (very limited) memory or in easily retrieved records:
    @The Apprentice @john c @Paul D @critter @Enel

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    GREAT idea! I’ll be back soon; I need to go througha few year’s worth of transactions... turns out I’ve bought and sold... yeah... a fair bit of stuff. All solid transactions to date. Forum names after I audit myself.

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    I have bought and sold to @cornstalker @GreggW @Kirk @MSparks909 @98z28 @Larry Sellers @SteveB

    I have yet to have a bad experience in the classified section of this website.

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    I have nothing but good experiences on P-F classifieds.

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    @Gio @Mack
    Both gave me a great deal and no issue/hassle transactions. GTG in my book

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    Quote Originally Posted by David S. View Post
    Good experience with @Hideeho and @psalms144.1
    Thank you. As with you as well.

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    @YVK and @Dagga Boy is great to do business with.
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    So I have been doing a big reshuffle and downsizing recently, and have had great experience with many members here. Very recent trades involved @GNRPowdeR, @holmes168, and @bruceride, pleasure to deal with all. In the past dealt with @GJM, @SteveB, @Paladin, @Dagga Boy, @Prdator, would recommend them all. I might be forgetting others, please remind me through a pm if I omitted you.
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