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Thread: Week 271: IDPA 5x5 Classifier (Abbreviated Method)

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    Week 271: IDPA 5x5 Classifier (Abbreviated Method)

    Week 271: IDPA 5x5 Classifier (Abbreviated Method)

    Results may be posted until July 1st, 2018.

    Designed by: Bill Wilson
    Range: 10 yards
    Target: IDPA - include 4" circle in the head box
    Start Position: Hands at sides, facing the target
    Rounds Fired: 25

    This test was previously posted in the DotW as "5x5 Skills Test". It is now designated as an Abbreviated Classification method in IDPA.

    Equipment: Service pistol of 9mm caliber or larger, concealed carry suitable holster and ammunition with a power factor of 125,000 or more – note that concealment is not required.

    Purpose: Create a measurable quick to run and low round count skill drill that tests rapid fire pistol control.

    Scoring: IDPA Limited Vickers – note that no extra shots or make up shots are allowed – your score is your time plus penalties – add one second penalty time for each point down on target – i.e. a shot in the -1 zone adds 1 second to your time, a shot in the -3 zone adds 3 seconds to your time, and a miss adds 5 seconds to your time.


    String 1: Draw and fire 5 shots freestyle

    String 2: Draw and fire 5 shots strong hand only

    String 3: Draw and fire 5 shots freestyle, reload from slidelock and fire 5 more shots freestyle

    String 4: Draw and fire 4 shots to the body and 1 shot to the head freestyle

    Skill rankings for Enhanced Service Pistol division in IDPA:

    Master: 20 seconds or less
    Expert: 25 seconds or less
    Sharpshooter: 32 seconds or less
    Marksman: 41 seconds or less
    Novice: Over 41 seconds

    (Enhanced Service Pistol division will allow for many of the handguns shot by PF members, and has nice round-number cutoffs. You can review the full breakdowns for other guns/divisions here: )

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Equipment used (pistol, holster, optional concealment garment if one was used)
    Time for each string
    Total raw time
    Total points down
    Total score (raw time + one second for each point down)
    IDPA Classification reached (unofficial)
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Equipment: Beretta 92 Centurian, Fobus paddle holster at 9 o’clock (lefty), no cover garment.
    String 1: 4.07, down 1
    String 2: 5.07, down 1
    String 3: 8.49, down 0
    String 4: 4.22, down 0
    Total raw time: 21.85
    Points down: 2
    Total score: 23.85
    Classification: Expert
    Notes: my times to first shots were all about 2.3 - if I could shave some tenths here, I could save about a second overall.
    It always pays to shoot this as slow as required to get good hits. When I try to rush, I lose points.

    As an aside, I shot this about 3 weeks ago for an official Classifier. I decided to shoot two classes, using my B92 Compact first in Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) class, then again with the Centurian in Stock Service Pistol (SSP) class. Well, I had a good day, as my “warm up” with the CCP was:
    For a total of 19.92, down zero.

    Then I shot a 21.68 + 3 down for a 24.68 in SSP with the Centurian.

    But I made Master with the Compact in CCP.

    My takeaway from that was that a good trigger with a good reset (the Compact has a Langdon trigger job with the “Speed Bump” trigger) can make all the difference in a test like this.
    My Centurian doesn’t have the speed bump trigger to keep it in SSP instead of ESP, but it has me thinking...

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    Week 271: IDPA 5x5 Classifier (Abbreviated Method)

    Shot this twice today.

    G17MOS w/RMR06 and X300U, in a Phlster Spotlight from IWB
    Noticed during string 3 I was rushing and letting the gun get away from me, not being patient enough before pulling the trigger again, causing the misses.
    Total time 26.15 (esp sharpshooter)

    Second time around I was a little more patient on the sights during string 3, which helped for sure. Total time 23.15 (esp expert)
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    Hello everyone,

    I have visiting the forum for a long time now, but just registered and decided to post.

    Shot with G19, Ameriglo sights

    Stage 1) 3.02

    Stage 2) 4.95

    Stage 3) 7.08

    Stage 4) 3.35

    Raw time is 18.4

    Points= down 0

    Classification= Master

    Good information on this forum. Look forward to more.
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    I ran two runs today, warmed up.

    P30 TGS LEM, AIWB concealed, 124g Blazer Brass

    Run 1:
    S1: 3.99 (-1), S2: 7.76 C, S3: 8.98 (-6), S4: 4.77 (-1). Raw Score: 25.5, Corrected Score 33.5 (Marksman)

    Run 2:
    S1: 5.02 C, S2: 8.67 C, S3: 12.52 C, S4: 5.27 (-1). Raw Score: 31.5, Corrected Score: 32.52. (Marksman)

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    Did it yesterday.

    Glock 19 Gen 4 (so CCP division) I just got used from a PF member. Ameriglo I dot Pros, gen 3 Glock 17 trigger. Blazer Brass 115 grain. Eidolon holster worn AIWB. Shot from concealment.

    1. 4.05. Down 0
    2. 5.81. Down 0
    3. 9.22 Down 1
    4. 4.15. Down 2

    Raw 23.23, adjusted 26.23. CCP Expert, SSP Sharpshooter.
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    First run USPSA CO gear

    1) 3.22 -1
    2) 4.7
    3) 7.7
    4) 3.51

    Total with penalty 20.13

    Second run with carry gear from concealment

    1) 3.46
    2) 5.64
    3) 8.83
    4) 3.73

    Total 21.66

    Not totally unhappy with my concealed run. Biggest time trap there was reload from concealment.
    Not thrilled with my first run, it was way slow considering the gear I was using. I was going to run it again but not only would that sorta be cheating, but it was pouring rain.

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    I ran this twice today and crashed and burned both times.

    Equipment used (pistol, holster, optional concealment garment if one was used): G19-5 in a DSG Orion concealed AIWB under a closed button up shirt
    Time for each string:
    1. 3.44, 5.84, 7.69, 3.42
    2. 3.91, 6.15, 8.06, 3.60
    Total raw time:
    1. 20.39
    2. 21.72
    Total points down:
    1. -7
    2. -7
    Total score (raw time + one second for each point down):
    1. 27.39
    2. 28.72
    IDPA Classification reached (unofficial):
    Sharpshooter x 2
    Anything you noticed:
    I don’t do a lot of shooting at 10 yards where I don’t have a PAR time. I’m not used to running 5 round strings at this distance at my own pace. I need to continue working on my recoil control.

    My posts only represent my opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or official policies of my employer. Obvious spelling errors are likely the result of an iPhone keyboard.
    My posts only represent my personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or official policies of my employer. Obvious spelling errors are likely the result of an iPhone keyboard.

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    Glock 19x, Safariland 7377, no cover garment. My Glock mag pouches have not come in yet so I did reloads with a magazine stuffed in my waistband.
    1. 3.60
    2. 5.81 -1
    3. 8.49 -2
    4. 4.29
    Raw total 22.29
    Points down 3
    Total 25.29 ESP Sharpshooter SSP Expert

    1. 3.58
    2. 5.92 -1
    3. 9.37
    4. 5.05
    Raw total 23.92
    Points down 1
    Total 24.92 ESP Expert SSP Expert
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    Gear: Boresight Solutions G19.3, AIWB, concealed with a button down shirt
    1) 6.41
    2) 7.48
    3) 11.37
    4) 6.77
    Total: 32.03
    Points Down: 5
    Total Score: 37.03
    Unofficial IDPA Class: Marksman

    I seem to be stuck at the Marksman level... I typically shoot this about once every other month or so and I consistently score in the high 30’s. I also assumed in my scoring that cutting the line counted. Even if it doesn’t, I would still be Marksman.

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