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Thread: Yesterday's Match - it was hot

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    Yesterday's Match - it was hot

    Shot the IDPA match yesterday. It was hot! Texas! Wore a long sleeve Columbia sweat wicking shirt and one of those towel things you get wet around your neck, besides light weight cargo pants and an SPF containing hat with a back flap. Covered with sunscreen. Hydrate, Hydrate!

    Equipment - a stock Gen 4 G17, no mods , Glock sights. Galco Matrix holster and a Blade-Tech two mag pouch. Ammo - WWB 115 gr and some misc Blazer. Mostly Glock mags with a couple of Magpuls. Gun ran with no stoppage. Last cleaned, the match before this.

    Shot as MM in SSP (my niche in life for many years).

    How did I do? I am quite pleased with my accuracy (thanks to a Tom Givens class at KRtraining and Karl's instruction which gave me the paradigm).

    So with 41 shooters - and five stages, here's a distribution of points down from the top, it stops with me. So it's points and the number of folks getting those points.

    Stage 1

    0 4
    1 4 -> That's where I am, the rest below, same pattern for the rest of the stages.

    Stage 2
    0 3
    1 2

    Stage 3
    0 1
    2 5

    Stage 4 - this was a standards, with three targets. Shoot two each, repeat, one head shot each. My head shots were just below the head circle. Bah.
    0 1
    1 2
    3 3
    4 4
    5 2
    6 3

    Stage 5
    0 5
    1 6

    Times - my downfall. I am a slow old fart. No excuses because some other 70 year olds do better. There is an extra 5 points in the time because I took a no kneeling penalty. My damn knees and shoulder - nope. I'll pass on that.

    So in SSP, best total score was:


    I was:


    Some observations

    1. Reloads - buy them from some dude and you will get a squib!
    2. Springfield XDs in 45 ACP do not like lead SWC. Gun wouldn't run. I lent my friend a box of WWB 230 gr for the rest of the match.

    Good squad - no DBs - unlike last match with two millennial neck beards who wouldn't tape, left when they were done and didn't help in tear down of equipment. Two LEOs - excellent shooters and great guys.

    Best ancilary equipment - Academy sports collapsible cart for $50. Can carry lots of stuff and much cheaper than the golf bag, baby carrier modifications. Comes in camo for that tactical looks.

    Next week - carbine at 104 deg. F - what fun!

    Next pistol -match - maybe revolver and I'll win my division. I have come in second after a national Miculek level shooter. Wait - only two revolver guys that day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
    I have come in second after a national Miculek level shooter. Wait - only two revolver guys that day!
    Russian scoring, you were second and he was next to last.
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    So true.

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    The carbine match - it was really hot - 100-101 deg. Shot my Eotech equipped AR-14 (an old Olympic Arms - and it runs fine). WWB ammo and a G17 for pistol transitions.

    5 stages and 3,3,1 (with a swinger), 0 and a horrible 19. Let us whine about that - it was the last stage and I was fading. It was three targets at 25 yards. You did 2 Mozambique runs and then a run with just head shot. So, William tell here blew some of the head shots. We had to stay out longer as one squad was full of prima donnas who wouldn't come out of the shade to tape. This was bad as we had 84 participants (wow!) and about 18 on a squad. So they jammed up the whole works until they got a lecture.

    One stage had you pull a simulated dummy and fire one handed with the rifle. You could skip that an take a penalty. I did because I feared my messed up shoulder deciding to throw a spasm as it does and that would be bad. Tough luck dummy, save yourself.

    Our squad runs like clockwork. We all know each other now, no one slacks. I did have to sit out one round of taping as the heat was getting me. Yes, I hydrated just plenty.

    Equipment comments:

    The Ruger 9mm carbines are showing up and seem to run fine and are very shootable. I need one!
    A home brew SBR 223 was cranky. A Ruger pistol AR was incredibly cranky and wouldn't shoot a stage without multiple stoppages.

    Mandatory culinary content.

    Mom and Pop Mexican restaurant, two chicken fajita tacos. Owner brought hot some really hot tomatillo based salsa just for us. Excellent!

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