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Thread: Promotion test

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP552 View Post
    Congrats! You are going to find most people are hungry for good leadership! Leadership fails because there generally isn’t much in most agencies. Cops know who is, and who isn’t, a true leader.
    Ain't it the truth. During my career I had many supervisors who were just passing through, a few who were miserable bastards and a couple that I'd have gone to the wall for, right or wrong.

    I just called one of them, twenty some odd years after the fact, a few months ago and was happy to hear that he is doing well and now doing contract work and advanced training for the gov't. I let him know that I've never forgotten what his friendship and leadership of that group meant to me then, and still does. It obviously meant something to him as well which was extremely gratifying.

    I don't doubt that BBI has it in him to be that kind of leader. They are rare gems in any profession...but especially where men and women put their lives on the line. Give 'em hell, Sarge.
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    Congratulations, and good luck! I think you already have a good handle on the concept of "servant leadership", wherein the focus is on your folks, rather than yourself. Helps that you have significant experience already, and aren't a 3 year wonder promotee. Legitimacy goes a long way in establishing yourself with your subordinates.
    I made it a practice to be the last one going 10-7 End of Watch every night...I went home when the other guys went home. Made for occasional long nights, but it was worth it. Regular meetings (tried for every pay period) with my team as a group were something I found important too.... established 'same page' leadership. I was very tough on reports and investigations...but no one ever Sergeant Shopped around me, because they trusted my knowledge and experience. The only ones who ever complained were the Daywatch guys with late reports, who were unused to being supervised (junior Sgts on days!). Even then they didn't complain to my face, because I wasn't just the senior Sgt, I was the second senior person at the station. The other was a Lieutenant with 35 years.
    This past Monday I moved to a non-patrol position at the Academy for the first time in my career. My first morning I had a staff meeting, and told the guys that I had a lot of ideas about the units future, but they had been in the middle of it, and I wanted their ideas about what was working, what could be improved, and what needed to change RIGHT NOW. I took notes, and started writing new unit orders to address some concerns, and called the Lt at the academy to begin addressing some others. The guys were surprised, and told me the previous supervisor never held a staff meeting, and never shared info with the guys or sought feedback. Asking for and addressing your subordinates ideas and concerns is absolutely crucial. But I'm pretty sure you already know watching the bosses you respected over the years!

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    Congratulations, Sarge!
    (Formerly known as Sotex.)

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    Congratulations Sergeant!


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