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Thread: Video tutorial for forward carriage of primary equipment.

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    Thanks for the info. In my search to "beat the champ" (for me) of my current rig, I am trying the Velo. It is an interesting installment in AIWB holster evolution.

    On the Velo, the shape of the wedge resembles (though more extreme) the angles that the foam on my JMCK takes on over time so that makes sense to me. I wear 36" waist jeans with the front sight channel at 12:00. Pistol is a G19. Definitely need more wedge so I'll try adding one of the JMCK flat foam thing to it.

    I was interested in the trigger guard bump vs a wing as a narrow holster profile allows for optimal placement on the belt. But using the metal clips (also something I was interested in) the torque against the belt seemed too much. It was distorting the normal belt curve creating space right behind the holster, and too much angling the grip in resulted in the front popping out creating space in the front. I added one of the Raven Eidolon two-hole spacers under the back clip and things have flattened out more to my liking.

    The metal clips are super low profile and seem very tough to get off. It would be nice to have one more height adjustment hole on the holster to allow for a slightly higher ride as with a less rigid belt I get some sag that drops the holster lower in the pants.

    I wonder who the first holster maker to allow for a customizable bump on the holster will be? Just use the ModWing lego pieces but stick them right on the holster body by the rear belt attachment point.

    The best jeans I've found that fit me (36x36) are Lucky brand. They mix a bit of spandex in with the denim so you have mobility while not being baggy. Do a good job of stabilizing AIWB gear.

    FWIW my current "champ" is the JCMK AIWB Wing Claw 2.0, with both Raven snap loops toward the grip side, foam wedge, and using the DIY Claw. Been using a rigid belt with a small Cobra buckle that can thread through jeans belt loops. For the Tenicor I've been using a Wilderness belt -- looking forward to Craig's recommendation arriving to see what a more flexible belt does for me and the benefit of making adjustments in the front vs the buckle behind the hip.

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    HCountyGuy, The VELO is purpose built for just inside the hip, some folks like 12:00 and the dual angled wedge would not work well there. For RH at 1 to 1:30, I think most people will find the two angles of the wedge to optimize concealment and not compromise comfort. Some are finding they want more wedge on the VELO if they are concealing a 17 or 34 with full grip. In that case, you can add a flat piece of foam or anything squishy. No need to contour it as the contour is built in. In the end, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like it, I'll take it back with NO silly 30 days or anything like that.
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    @SouthNarc: why do you prefer a sweat guard on your holster? Every sweat guard-equipped IWB holster I've had (appendix or otherwise) has jabbed me in the side when I do something as simple as kneel with the pistol drawn - and this was the case before I grew the gut. To have the pistol drawn and then actually try to roll around seems like it might be an issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    I'd like to try those newish 5.11 "stretch" jeans but hate to order a pair sight unseen.
    I will second Duluth Trading Company's DuluthFlex pants. Great range of motion, deep pockets, no tacticool appearance.
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    Vandal, thanks for the feedback. There is a fine line between not enough grip rotation (which leave the grip printing) and too much grip rotation (which makes the slide print) as you have pointed out. Adjustable height was something I worked through quite thoughtfully, I have several iterations that have various height adjustment options. In the end, I was not happy with the execution on any of these and just went with a fixed height that for most people sat as low in the waist as possible (to aid in concealment), but also allowed for an unimpeded grip of the gun. We are trying to fix the ride height issue on our next iteration of the VELO. If it works, it will be a well done and well executed solution.

    The point of the VELO along with all of Tenicor products is to be a purpose built product with a high level of performance. Most products strive for modularity, and I think the result is a significant compromise in performance. That's the reason I started making stuff in the first place.

    With regard to the muzzle wedge, again we were pretty thoughtful about it and how to integrate it into the holster. I felt pretty strongly that the second angle was needed for most people that carry in the 1:00 to 1:30 range. The 10 degree rotation offered by other makers always seemed irrelevant to me when I tried to make those work. The muzzle wedge is intended to be right for most and not too much. My intent is that you can add more angle just by adding flat pieces of foam or neoprene. Personally, I'd just hit the junk store and get some kiddie foam alphabet blocks or cut up an old mouse pad. I'd also look at drilling a couple holes in the wedge and adding the cushion with screws instead of the conventional hook & loop. I plan on doing a DIY tutorial at some point.

    The trigger bar wedge was originally a little bit less. I added some to it with feedback of SLG to make it work better for a G17/34. I think most will find it works pretty well, but I can see that one might find you get a tad bit too much rotation on a G19.

    I have been playing around with the idea of a modular wedge system for a while and I know there are other manufacturers looking at that also. If you stop thinking about it like an add on foam thing there are all kinds of interesting ideas to execute a very well thought out product. The value of the thermoformed integrated wedge on the VELO is not just performance, but time and money too. It is all part of the forming process and the result helps keep the cost down to the end user. A set of 4 to 6 purpose built wedge are probably going to cost $30 to $40. How many people are really willing to add that much to the cost of the holster...?
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    Gio, I mostly carry with a standard Aegis belt. I find the enhanced to be WAY too stiff. Once broken in the standard seems to work well. I also like the thickness on my original Mastermind EDC belt. However, I have always hated velcro. So I like that the tail on the Aegis does not bend back on itself with velcro but rather uses loops like like every other belt for the last several hundred years. I do agree with SN that the buckle is too big. It is both too wide and too thick.

    I have some ideas for some belts, we will see were that goes...
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    I will note that properly fitted pants and shorts make a difference for OWB carry in addition to IWB and AIWB carry. Not having to ratchet your belt down to maximum tightness to hold your gun and pants up, tends to allow more comfort. Additionally, properly fitted pants with relatively tight belt loops, effectively function as an 'inner belt', allowing your waistband and hips to take on some of the weight of carriage. This is one reason why I prefer pants/shorts/jeans with wider "tunnel"-like belt loops. It makes a very real difference in terms of comfort and deployment.

    One reason I like Dickie's Original 874 work pants -

    The problem is, they don't like me, much. My monster thighs making getting pants that are properly fitted in the waist impossible to put on...

    I'm still seriously guilty of wearing pants that are on the order of 4" too large in the waist. I'm wearing 36" waist jeans currently, last time I measured my waist I was at 32".
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