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Thread: What Drill To Test New Handgun?

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    Last summer, I used Mr_White’s school test to efficiently benchmark a number of different pistols.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    My go to when I'm trying to assess my relative performance between guns is either the Tactical Professor's "Baseline Evaluation" drill or the Wilson/Seeklander 5x5.

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    This is the best test Iíve found for that effort. I have to work hard to avoid over using it.

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    Most pistols work well for me at 10 yards and in so my litmus test is something like the FBI modified bullseye on a B8 target.
    10 shots slowfire at 25 yards.
    two 5 shot strings from 15 yards in 15 seconds each string
    two 5 shot strings from 15 yards in 10 seconds each string

    In my experience anything I shoot well (for me) on that (in the 280+ range) will rock up close.
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions.
    I will post here my results for the ones I run.
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    I would think the classifier of your choice.

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    I normally use the Gabe White tests and the Half test/Test/Super Test combo
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    Check POA/POI at 5,10.15.25 yards Make sure gun ammo combo likes each other
    Shoot for groups at 25.

    The test,
    The supper test
    Dot torture
    Gabe White tests.
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    As I am mostly an all-metal or 1911 shooter....

    200-500 rounds to break in if new pistol (more or less depending on manufacturers recommendations). I shoot 50 @ 7, 10, 15 yds (indoors), 6x6in circles target to allow differentiation of groupings, establish POA/POI of pistol at different ranges.

    Once that is established, dot torture at 5 and 7 to see if the pistol is working for me in the hand, of if we are fighting. I haven't had one push back on me in a while, but it happens.

    If I plan to use for home defense or carry, I also run minimum of 500 malfunction free rounds (of anything other than squib or hang-fire unless its a light-strike), 100 of carry ammo to establish it runs (1911

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    For me I use a few different drill's to help me "finalize" my carry pistol. I start with "Bill drill" for each, from holster, Then I do the "El Presidente", then I use Mr. Givens "Casino drill", I finish it up with the FBI qual, and rate the score. I figure between all the drill's I can measure, draw stroke/grip, reload ability, accuracy and trigger fit for me.

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