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Thread: Week 268: Typewriter w/Reload

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    Week 268: Typewriter w/Reload

    Week 268: Typewriter w/Reload

    Results may be posted until June 11th, 2018.

    Designed by: modified from a drill by CCT12US
    Range: 5 yards
    Target: Six two inch circles, download here -
    Start Position: Holstered
    Rounds Fired: 24

    Load the gun with exactly eight rounds. You will also need two 8rd spare magazines.

    On the beep, draw and fire one round at each of the six 2" circles in order from #1 to #6 and then immediately repeat from #1 to #6 again for a total of twelve rounds fired (reloading after the eighth shot, obviously.) Record your time.


    Then starting from the holster again, on the beep draw and fire one round at each of the six 2" circles in reverse order from #6 to #1 then immediately repeat from #6 to #1 again (reloading after the fourth shot.) Record your time.

    You must shoot the targets in proper order each time.

    Your score is the number of hits you made (out of 24) divided by your total time for the two strings of fire. For example, if you get 23 hits and shoot it in 25.55 seconds your score is:

    23 ÷ 25.55 = 0.80

    This drill is not capacity-neutral; ex. if your pistol holds less than 6 rounds, you will need to reload more than once. The time for the reload counts toward your score.

    If your range does not allow drawing from a holster, start from a ready position with the muzzle pointed off the target and add two seconds to your time for each string.

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:

    Pistol's ammo capacity
    Type of draw (open, concealed, retention holster)
    Anything you noticed

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.
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    Pistol's ammo capacity-PX4CC- I just loaded 3 mags with 8 rounds for 2 reloads during the drill
    Type of draw (open, concealed, retention holster)- Concealed under a polo shirt
    Hits- 14/25, 14/25
    Times- 41:37, 48:41
    Score- .33, .29
    Anything you noticed- this drill is hard. i am not to the point of clearing Dot Torture at 5 yards- so hitting 2" circles at 5 yards was not easy. Great drill though. It combines Frank Garcia drill and reloads for pure torture- it makes me question if Gabe White has much kindness in his heart, lol. I have now officially posted the worst score of the week.
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    I have now officially posted the worst score of the week.
    For this drill, you've posted the best score so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes168 View Post
    I have now officially posted the worst score of the week.
    With all the superstars participating here, it can be tough to post your scores when your shooting is not at the same level. So, kudos for representing us normal people in this thread. I know it's not always easy.

    ... Although you just made it so I pretty well have to shoot this drill now, so you're not the only one putting his ego on the line. And I'm having a tough time scheduling range time with my schedule and how busy the local range is these days. So, thanks a lot. ;op

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    Gen5G19, BOLD sights(orange), out of a GLS holster,w/Hornady 135gr. +P “Critical Duty” ammo.
    1st run: 19.55 secs, 2nd:17.03, Score=.41 EDIT: 15 out of 24 hits.
    Dang hard for me-which means I’ll run it again! Majority of misses just under the circles.
    I’ll wager I’m “mashing” the trigger, trying to “catch the sight” on the circle...
    Good, tough drill, and I appreciate the reload after several weeks of not speed loading. No issue noted there.
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    Concealed in a dsg orion under a t shirt, jm high rise aiwb mag pouch

    21 hits
    30.70 total time
    .684 score

    My first string i suffered from lots of eye sprinting and had a slow run. Second run i corrected the eye sprinting but screwed up the reload using the shorter 15 round mag instead of the usual 17 rounder that was in the gun.

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    Okay, so I was able to give this a go this weekend. I have, for this month, under my belt one pistol training session on May 1st, and one pistol match about two weeks later. Aside from a little practice drawing from concealment, I hadn't really done any real dry practice for a while either. This was the first drill of the day, so I'd say this definitely qualifies as shooting the drill cold.

    I used my Beretta PX4 with three magazines loaded with eight rounds each.
    For various reasons, today I used a Safariland 6005 modified for a higher ride height. I haven't spent any time with this holster for... dang, a couple of months now. The SLS hood was of course up, and the retention screws have been adjusted so the holster holds onto the gun fairly snugly.

    First try:

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    I count 18 hits.
    Times were 19.11s for string 1, 20.12s for string 2.

    Score: 0.4588

    Second go:

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    19 hits.
    19.97s, 21.00s

    Score: 0.4638

    Observations: There was some weird trigger yanking going on, as is clearly evident. I am theoretically able to shoot this at a greater pace, but trying to speed up results in immediate trigger snatch. Clearly a lack of practice.

    My draw strokes on the second go were particularly atrocious. (Unfamiliarity with the Safariland holster - I've been doing my dry practice, what little I've done, with my JMCK holster.) I'm surprised they didn't slow me down more than they did.

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