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Thread: Just broke a resizing die stem (Redding)

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    Broke the end of the decapping rod (not the decapping pin, the part that is threaded). I have no idea why this happened, I was decapping with a Lee Universal. Redding won't fix this second failure, they said so in an email. Guess I'll grab a Hornady resizing die.

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    Out of my pack of three Squirrel Daddy decapping pins, only one remains unbent. I think the pin is too long for the material used. Also, the transition from the pin to the pin shaft is fairly abrupt and I've dinged quite a few 223 case mouths with these pins. Sorry to say these don't really appear to offer anything over the factory Lee pin. At least not in my experience.

    Mighty Armory is making a universal decapping die that's been getting good reviews. I see that they're also making a 223 sizing die that has some unique features. The die is kind of pricey but not out of line with what some other makers are charging.

    I can only assume that MA is also working on other dies. I'm sure a 9mm, 308 and a few other sizing dies are in the works.

    Another option might be the replacement Lee pin from Fast and Friendly Brass. This is a pin that fits the universal Lee die but uses an RCBS decapping pin. What seems odd to me about this is that he doesn't sell the pin as an assembled unit. The purchaser has to buy and install the RCBS pins after the fact...

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