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    AGC Drill

    A buddy and myself cobbled together a drill, and are in need of feedback if anyone wants to shoot it. It is sort of a combination of the Casino Drill and Dot Torture. Details and background on the drill are available at this link. I also attached the target to this post and it has all the directions on it, so if you don't care about the background you can skip the link. Thanks.

    AGC Drill v2.0.pdf
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    I will try this next time i can make it to the range with my training partners, Iíll let you know what i think of it

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    gotta love this forum, will try this drill tonight, looks like a great drill. I could really see putting "splash" of color in there making it little more of "thought challenging".

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    great drill, worked it last night.

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    great drill, worked it last night.
    Any thoughts on it? Tweaks that might need to be made? So far feedback has been pretty good, but havenít had a whole lot of dudes shoot it yet.

    Greg Ellifritz shot it recently too.
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