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Thread: Talk me out of a Porsche Cayman

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    Talk me out of a Porsche Cayman

    So...I got permission to look at getting a Ďfuní car for basic weekend duties, date night, etc. Iíve always liked the Boxter, and when they made the Cayman I really liked the hardtop styling.

    Iíd be looking at a 2009 to 2013, under $30k, less than 75K Miles. 6MT and three pedals, as God intended. Any color as long as itís Blue, Gray, Silver or Red.

    What do you think? Iíve never driven one, but I really want one for some reason.

    The other option Iím considering is a similar price point BMW E92 335i. I had a 2009 M3, with the 4.0l V8. Damn that thing was a beast. Not that exciting until you got past 5,000RPM, then woah. A 335i seems like a better option, but Iím worried about the early engines and stories about the HP fuel pump issues.


    Anyone own one?

    Reliability? Or is it a money pit?

    How about service? Thereís a German garage down the street from me, I would probably get them to do a pre-purchase inspection.

    I may mosey down to the local dealer and stare at the new ones soon.

    The Wife just rolled her eyes when I mentioned the ĎPí word. So I thought Iíd ask here, in case there was some info available from you guys. Yíall gotta talk me out of this if Iím nuts.
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    My buddy is on the list for a GT3. You should get one of those. Does that help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_Jenkins View Post
    What do you think? I’ve never driven one, but I really want one for some reason.
    There's been a few cars I really wanted right up until I drove one. I'd test drive one before I got to wrapped up in planning.
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    Rich, a guy who buys ammo buy the box, has no business with a Porsche.
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    Can you afford the maintenance? Call a dealership and ask costs of oil change, replacing busted head light, or water pump or starter replacement.

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    I figured you as more of a Caterham Super 7 guy. Historically sophisticated yet modern, and more of a perfected piece of pure engineering than anything on your current list.

    Cheap as fuck compared to the BMW and Porsche options, too. You'll actually be able to afford track days!
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    I bought a low mileage, used 2011 BMW 335i - got it with the auto with paddles because commuting in ATL sucks. It is a fun commuter, 24.5 MPG. I am a fan of used BMW 3 series - I cannot justify the new price for BMW, etc. Key to success is a great independent BMW shop and on-line BMW parts. Porsche just flat scare me for maintenance, insurance, etc.

    You can research the 335 - plenty of BMW forums - seems like many of the problems were sorted out by 2009 or so.
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    I had an 08 335i with the faulty HPFP. Car was a blast, otherwise. I got mine with the 6MT and the sport suspension. Changed out the shocks to konis, and chipped it, for some added fun

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    Drive one. For me, it would be hard to justify. I spent 60 miles behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Spyder this weekend and came away feeling fairly ďMehĒ (as did my brother, who was actually considering buying one).

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    Make sure you look for a well-optioned one. I was underwhelmed by the quality of materials used in the base model Cayman in terms of interior execution. The one I drove, when a buddy was looking for a car (to replace his 335XI with) was a modest performer in a straight line. Particularly, when compared to the Mazdaspeed 3 I was driving every day. It didn't have a lot of power and didn't "feel" particularly fast from the lights.

    But when I was running autocross and track days regularly, the Cayman and Cayman S were solid performers and were clearly much faster around corners and cones. On track days, I could run down a Cayman in a straight line, but I worked a lot harder to get around the corners. If it was a tight course with slower corners, I would be pointing Porsche drivers by me, all day long, and passing none of them back.

    I, personally, have always liked to stomp down on the go pedal and drive away from people, when driving in traffic. The Cayman is a lovely car, but like a Miata, never fulfilled my need for stoplight speed. In short - I won't talk you out of it. I'll encourage you to drive one first and make sure to drive it on the highway and sit in traffic with it, pull away from stoplights, etc. The Cayman is a quality driver's car, but if your commute is a lot of traffic and straight roads, it's a boring daily driver.
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