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Thread: Lee Precision Launching New Press--Lee Auto Breech Lock

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    I have only ever used one press...the Lee Classic Turret and I have nothing bad to say about it. I think they hit it out of the park with that one.

    Having said that, some of Lee's gadgets seem to be better than others and I assume that to be the case with anyone that makes reloading equipment. I'll let others try out the newest press but it appears to me that some Lee presses are great...if you're a tinkerer, which I am not.

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    Of course, I know that no one is comparing the Lee to a Dillon. We all are aware that they are so far apart that they are almost mutually exclusive in terms of category. However, for Dillon owners the Lee can fit a niche. It's useful for small quantity loading of calibers not frequently used. It would serve very well to decap or to size and decap brass for use on the Dillon. Processing brass on the Lee avoids "dumping" primer pocket debris into the Dillon's mechanism.

    When Lee introduced the Classic Cast Turret, they outdid themselves. Mine is most useful. I suspect that this press will do nicely for the man or woman wishing to load small quantities without hair pulling, cursing, screaming, or beating the press flat with a sledge hammer. All jokes aside, I have high hopes for the new Lee progressive and may buy one after the beta testers have done their job.

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