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Thread: Holster help uspsa

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    As I wrote a few posts ago, I vastly prefer the Springer Precision hanger to the BOSS. Hearing @YVK talk about having to add foam to prevent bruising proves my point. Unless you need the cant adjustment the BOSS spacers allow, there's no reason to have a huge-ass piece of metal hanging down next to your leg. And, if you plan on doing ninja stuff while shooting, the Springer is absolutely the way to go.
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    For a heavier gun, I prefer RHT holsters. I use them now for both Limited (2011 with a Steel Grip) and Production (Shadow 2). For a lighter gun (Such as Glocks and M&P), however, my favorite is still Blade Tech. There is something with the Blade Tech that makes the subtle difference that is noticeable to me. Unfortunately the Blade Tech did not last with Shadow 2 compared a to double layer RHT holsters. RHT recommends double layer holsters for all guns that weigh over 35 ounces.

    The Springer Precision hanger is WAY better than BOSS. I recently switched to SP hangers after years of using Boss. (I'm sponsored by Springer just a little bit for a full disclosure)

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    Just replaced my well-worn RHT USPSA Production holster with a GX Vice holster. It has a lock so the gun stays put on walkthroughs.

    Thx for the guidance here Cluster, I can see me using this in 3G plus I do the RO thing also, owe ya one amigo.

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