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Thread: My First Competition as a newbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    This is a common problem, and easy to avoid. When there are 2-3 shooters before you, politely step away from the conversation and start visualizing the stage again.

    Honestly, I'm pretty antisocial before I've shot a stage. Before I shoot, I'm busy memorizing and visualizing. I save the conversations for after I shoot and load/clean mags.
    Definitely. And pretty much everybody in USPSA gets that so there's no issue. I really try not to talk to people when I can see that's what they are doing, or they are 2 or 3 shooters away from their turn. Nobody's ever had a problem with me thinking about the stage when I'm up soon.
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    shot my 2nd match today
    went much smoother than the first
    A 7 stage.
    Really walked through each stage today before I shot them and had no major hiccups.
    I did have a few mikes though that ruined my overall scoring for the day but those were on me
    I'm hooked can't wait for the next one

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    Just shot my first match yesterday in Carry Optics instead of Production.
    I shot a Steel Challenge and basically shaved an entire minute off of my total overall time compared to last months Steel challenge that I did in Production.
    shaved approximately 2 seconds off of each string I shot (Hey I'm new to this game plenty of time to shave off )
    I used my performance Center M&P 9L with a shield mini sight on it.
    I think I may be hooked on using an optic.

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