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Thread: PF Exclusive Lumen Holsters!

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    PF Exclusive Lumen Holsters!

    We wanted to do something that would give back to PF as it has been a tremendous place for us and we greatly appreciate the opportunities that it and Tom provide.

    The PF Lumen is orange of course and will be limited to 27 copies, 25 of which will be available for purchase. The cool thing about the PF Lumen (outside of it being awesome) is that 100% of the profits generated from the sale of the PF Lumens will be donated to PF!

    The PF Lumen will be available to Site Supporters only; if you want one and you are not a Site Supporter you will have to become one to be eligible to purchase the PF Lumen.

    The PF Lumen is not currently for sale and will be released in the near future. We wanted to make sure that it has a chance to get some exposure so that way no one feels as if they have missed out on the opportunity to purchase one and support PF.

    The PF Lumen will be a one time run and once they are gone we will not be making any more.

    There will be more detailed instructions about the purchasing process to follow.

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    I've got two of these sitting on my workbench right now. They are fantastic! I'd post a picture, but Mack's photo is about one-brazillian times better than anything I'd squeeze out of my iPhone.

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    Awesome gesture, Mack.

    Congrats on the new holsters, Tom.
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    That's awesome Mack.
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    Looks good! Reminds me of a creamsicle! Lol!

    Does the name mean it will be a light bearing setup?
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    What gun models will be available? (HK P2000 would be awesome)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Friday View Post
    What gun models will be available? (HK P2000 would be awesome)

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    I need one for a P30L.... and a Glock.

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    That is really cool!
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    That looks awesome.

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