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Thread: Bosch season 4 April 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrmettler View Post
    Blues: the house you posted was the house that the Danny Trejo Character lived in and where he was beaten by Van Zant and his men.
    Heat was an excellent movie.

    The Bosch house is at 1870 Blue Heights Drive, LA.
    I can find images of the house on the Interwebs, but I can't download or post them.

    I don't think I could live in either house.
    I'd always worry about some guy pulling the house down like Mel Gibson did in Lethal Weapon 2.
    Ah, thanks. I thought from reading, (that's what I get for thinking), that the same house was used in both...but I was thinking it was going to be the house that Amy Brenneman (Eady) lived in.

    I'll let someone else whose brain is not as addled fill in the gaps.

    Yeah, I'd have some concerns about sledding down the hillside at a time not of my choosing as well. At least my place doesn't have far to go down to the creek.

    ETA: We've seen "Heat" a few times and own the dvd. It's a particular favorite of my wife. She gets a kick out of Lt. Vincent Hanna.
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