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Thread: List of Armorers

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    Western Ma.
    Quote Originally Posted by THE BOOGEY MAN View Post
    Glock Armorer, S&W M&P, If there is anything I can do give me shout.
    Sweet Dreams
    Glock armorer
    Smith & Wesson M&P armorer

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    We are diminished
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    Sorry, TBM... updated to include you as M&P armorer, too. Thanks!

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    Glock Armorer
    Phillipians 4:13
    Go Gators/Wildcats!!!
    Glock Cert. Armorer

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    Auburn, WA
    Glock Armorer.

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    I'm also a GLOCK armorer now.

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    Add me to the long list of Glock Armorers... (took the class in Jun 2010, Dennis Tueller was the instructor, Tri-Cities WA. )

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    S&W M&P

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    Glock armorer (most recently 04/11);
    M&P ('10);
    M4/M16 family and 1911 series via Colt / Ken Elmore;
    Remington 870;

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    Glock Armorer In Denver CO

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    Do you need a copy of my cert?

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