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Thread: JJ Racaza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otaku.edc View Post
    Thank you for the reply. Understood and sound advice.

    YES! Cool, my name is Jaycel Adkins. I look forward to training with you Rich.
    Good deal Jaycel. Looking forward to meeting you in Sep.

    Im fairly new to shooting, having taken just a few courses last year, and starting in with a few local USPSA matches.

    I shoot a stock Glock 19 as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Pepperoni View Post
    I think there is more value in honing some of the fundamental skills, understanding some of the idea in competition, then really going after it with a big-name guy like JJ.
    I went ahead and attended his course on July 11/12 in Gainesville. I'm very glad I did. But I can fully appreciate the thought you expressed. I didn't hold the class back, but I was definitely the last place shooter.

    (LOTS of notes) + (LOTS of reps) = Building mental presentations for my dry practice and personal range time.

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