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Thread: Info on TK Custom 9mm conversion

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    Bill, Can't say I blame you, 38 wadcutters are more pleasant to shoot than 9mm in the little revolvers. I'm not tough, but I think different guns and calibers beat people up differently. Some guns that others enjoy, are not fun for me My 3" SP101 is more pleasant to shoot than the lighter S&W 940, but 38 wadcutters are more pleasant yet.
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    I agree. When I want to minimise recoil, I stick the original heavier stainless cylinder back in my 637 and shoot wadcutters. 9mm is mostly for carry.

    BTW, re barrel length and ballistics, my Micro 9 has a 3.15" barrel length, which they measure from the primer forward to the end of the barrel. My 1-7/8" barrel J-frame measured from the same two locations, is 3.50".

    I think perhaps this measurement disparity may sometimes lead to some questionable chronograph conclusions regarding bullet weight, barrel length, velocity, and energy.
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