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Thread: Lee Bulge Buster

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    Interesting issue.

    I use Dillon dies and have never had this issue with 9mm, 40, or 45. Years ago I remember reading an article in the Blue Press where Mike Dillon said that he designed his 45ACP dies to "undersize" the brass case. This created more support for the bullet during feeding but I wonder if it helps with the bulge issue as well.

    I have some Lee dies as well and prefer their 223 sizing die.
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    Sorry, no. Dillon dies don't even really touch the area where bulges appear. .45 Auto should never have a bulge due to low pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    I use the Lee FCD to do the same with 9mm, works well, I never have to mess with it, and my rounds made on my 650 case gauge perfectly.
    Bought one of the these last week in 9mm, based on your recommendation in another thread. My HKs are pretty forgiving, but every now and then they'll choke on my 650 reloads due to bulged brass.

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    First post for me

    I just finished a multi-k 40 cal project that involves BB an S-ton of 1x brass. All of it BB'd.

    I'm glad to see that y'all are open minded as far as this case treatment goes.

    I've had my fill of atomic loads and load middle of the road now but I'm a squeeze the crap out of the toothpaste tube kinda guy!

    Many thanks to LittleLebowski for his arfcom post on the LTT XD-e pistol, which brought me back here!

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