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Thread: KSTG Match at the NRA Range: 14-Feb-2012

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    Sorry, guys, I've been looking forward to this for weeks, I got into the 9pm slot and still couldn't get free in time. I hope someone was there to take advantage of the open spot from my no-show...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JV View Post
    Are you coming friday?
    Yep, standard arrival time.

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    Trophy Name Class Total Points Down
    High Overall 1. Todd Green Master 37.78 1
    1st B-Class, 1st DA/SA 2. James Ventre B 49.09 2
    3. Eric Brown Un 61.22 1
    4. Jarrett Schulz B 61.43 9
    5. Jason Stephenson Un 64.16 11
    6. Josh Savani Un 65.06 15
    1st C-Class 7. Joe Conners C 66.29 0
    8. John Gallagher C 68.54 5
    9. Andrew Mills B 70.36 13
    10. Caleb Fitzgerald Un 70.49 0
    1st Major 11. Julian Gaeta Un 73.56 3
    12. John Frazer Un 74.22 4
    13. Darren LaSorte Un 76.52 9
    14. Christopher Goodrich Un 83.99 5
    15. Matt Dogali Un 84.66 9
    2nd Major 16. Greg Zell Un 84.73 9
    1st D-Class 17. Rick Chapman D 86.18 3
    18. Tom Ives C 93.46 9
    19. Frederic Moore Un 94.41 1
    20. Ricardo Alexnader C 98.45 3
    21. Michael Harnage B 98.68 1
    2nd D-Class 22. Cody Claxton D 102.82 5
    23. Ed Lynch Un 105.26 8
    3rd D-Class 24. George Snyder D 106.36 4
    25. Steve Gonsalves D 111.69 4
    26. Larry Anding Un 113.34 1
    27. Charlie Dove D 113.75 2
    28. Rick Nelson Un 114.01 6
    High Lady 29. Laura Snyder D 120.90 7
    30. Bonlyn Hawley D 137.44 3
    31. Mike Whitman D 149.97 17
    32. Doug Hawley D 173.77 7
    33. Long Pham Un 178.88 5
    Nate Guernsey Un SWS 0
    Daniel Diggs D DQ 0
    TJ Parmele D DQ 0
    Chris Rhines A DQ 0

    Full score spreadsheet (Apple Numbers) available here:

    Congrats to Joe Conners and Caleb Fitzgerald who both shot perfect matches, zero points down and no penalties!

    Next match will be Tuesday 27-March and we will be shooting the Classifier as part of the match.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to shoot, and special thanks to Tom Ives, joshs, JV, and FredM for helping set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    on stage 3, did anyone else actively try and use the positioning of themselves and the 2 sets of side targets as "KSTG gamer shoot-throughs?"
    I shot both poppers as shoot throughs. They did't require visual verification of an A zone hit (later).

    Nice job on your placement.

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    I really have to hurry up and buy a "gamer gun", you know, a G26 or something to go with my G34 carry gun. And, yes, I still find that funny. :-)

    66.43 and down zero, if it counted...

    Thanks for putting the match together, that was a whole lot of fun. I learned I need to practice with the pistol more, and don't stare at the target on those several-hit ones. I found myself watching the bullet holes form--I have no idea how I was hitting the A-zone. On Stage 2 (10 hits on one target) I sprayed my first couple shots, got under control for the next few, then after the mag change I don't think I even saw the gun (much less the front sight), just watched the hits. I lucked out somehow.

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    At least I can say that I shot a clean match before being Disqualified for "breaking the 180".
    I just wanted to thank ToddG for his professionalism last night and for being fair and just with the rules. I learned last night what it means to be complacent. In the second stage with the couch, we were supposed to place the firearm on the chair with a full magazine. I moved the chair so that the firearm was thus breaking the 180. I was disqualified on the spot and justly so. I learned last night what it means to be complacent and I am glad that the guys running the match were nice about it.
    Won't happen again!


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    Todd - Thanks to you and the other guys for running another enjoyable match!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddG View Post
    Next match will be Tuesday 27-March and we will be shooting the Classifier as part of the match.
    Is NRA taking calls for sign ups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinygnat219 View Post
    I was disqualified on the spot and justly so.
    Stuff happens. One of the first matches I ever shot at the NRA back in the late 90's, while I was actually working there, I got DQ'd for breaking the 180, too. The difference is that I drew my gun while facing uprange at the beginning of an El Presidente, then swept just about everyone as I spun around.

    So "my muzzle was pointed at the side wall instead of the back wall" is pretty low down on the scale of brain farts, dude. Thanks for taking it so well. Lesson learned. I'll bet a dollar you never do it again.

    (unlike Chris, who I'm betting will continue to knock over buckets of water at random throughout his life because he's just that kind of guy)

    Quote Originally Posted by bdcheung View Post
    Is NRA taking calls for sign ups?
    Probably not until 12-March.

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    Yeah, it definitely won't happen again. What's ironic is that I came home with all my ammo but one round, and my roommate Long shot all his ammo last night. I enjoyed the kitsch, especially the Cupid stage.

    Thank you once again for putting this together! It was enjoyable.


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