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Thread: LE UOF Video thread

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    I need to grab the original LAPD video that's being discussed vs trying to have an opinion based on that chopped version. The copper with the Beretta 92F is not a youngster. She's a FTO (P3), and that looks like four service stripes on her forearm ... so, 20+ years.

    edited to add: SoCalDep can correct me, but IIRC some deputys at SEB (their full-time tactical element) were actively using 92Fs long after the issue pistol changed.

    @SoCalDep - I'm saving that post. Excellent thoughts on what trainers should be doing. Thank you.

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    Immediately preceding the shooting incident, three Oxnard Police Department officers were conducting a DUI investigation. Adam Barcenas quickly approached from the west. Barcenas was not involved with the DUI investigation. Barcenas was yelling at the officers, repeatedly stating that he hated them. Barcenas was wielding a steel bar, approximately five feet in length, with both hands. Barcenas continued to yell at the officers as he advanced towards them. Officers Santos and Parker drew their tasers, and Officer Schwartz drew his service firearm. Barcenas ignored the officers’ commands and continued to advance towards the officers in an aggressive and threatening manner.

    Barcenas advanced on Officer Schwartz, and Officer Schwartz fired four shots from his firearm. Three of the four bullets struck Barcenas. Barcenas was shot in the inner thigh of his right leg, his left hip and his left upper torso. Simultaneously, Officer Santos fired her taser. The taser probes struck Barcenas, but embedded in Barcenas’ clothing and did not penetrate his skin. Officer Parker did not fire his taser.

    ETA: It seems the deceased had some previous interaction with the justice system:

    " In April of 2019, Barcenas carried out separate random, violent, and unprovoked attacks on two elderly strangers on Sixth Street near "A" Street in downtown Oxnard.
    In the first attack, he approached a 71-year-old woman, punched her in the head, and pushed her to the ground and then kicked her several times before walking away.

    A short time later, Barcenas approached an 80-year-old man who was walking with his wife in the same area and he punched the man in the face, walked away, came back, and punched the man in the face a second time.

    The woman died eight days later but prosecutors did not file a homicide charge because they felt they could not conclusively prove that her death was tied to the beating because of significant preexisting health problems.

    So Barcenas pleaded no contest to two counts of felony elder abuse and spent half of a six year prison sentence before being paroled last year."
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